The Wire: Omar Little’s 10 Most Intimidating Quotes

Omar Little was one of the most enigmatic figures on The Wire, and many of his lines went on to become the show's most memorable quotes.

The Wire might not have been celebrated as much as it deserved when it was on television, but in the years since it ended, it has been praised as one of the best shows of all time. The gritty and realistic depiction of the drug trade in Baltimore showed complex and compelling characters on both sides of the law. But the standout character of the show was most certainly Omar Little.RELATED: The Wire: 15 Greatest Characters, RankedPlayed by Michael Kenneth Williams, Omar made a dangerous living by robbing drug dealers. He also lived by a surprisingly noble code which made him one of the most respectable characters on the show while also being a true badass. Omar was responsible for some of the best moments of the show and proved he wasn't afraid of anyone. Here are Omar Little's most intimidating quotes from The Wire.

10 "Omar don't scare."

Omar in The Wire

After Avon Barksdale's people killed his boyfriend, Omar sought revenge by agreeing tor testify about a recent murder. When he is reminded how dangerous this is for him, Omar only laughs and explains, "Omar don't scare" and we believe him.

9 "How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with puppies?"

Omar The Wire Death Scene

8 "I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase."

The Wire Omar Testifies

When Omar is in court testifying against one of Avon's triggermen, the smarmy defense lawyer challenges him by saying he is a person who feeds off of the drug industry for a living. Omar points out that he is no different than the lawyer in that regard, aside from their work materials.

7 "Spread the word, darlin'. Omar back."

Omar Little Shotgun The Wire

At the beginning of Season 2, Omar pays a visit to a new crew who are taking up his old position. As word spreads that Omar was either killed by Avon or run out of town, he is quick to let everyone know that he is back and up to his old trouble-making ways.

6 "Sometimes who you are is enough."

5 "Boy, you got me confused with a man who repeats himself."

During the first robbery we see Omar orchestrate on the show, he proves to be an organized professional and a dangerous man. After asking where the stash is and getting told there isn't any, Omar lets everyone know that he is not someone you want to test.

4 "And I keeps one in the chamber in case you pondering."

Brother Mouzone has a gun on Omar, but with full confidence, Omar takes his own gun out. He is kind enough to let his opponent know that he has a round ready to fire, showing Omar is always prepared for a fight.

3 "Man, money ain't got no owners, only spenders."

2 "It's all in the game, yo."

Omar's strict code means that he will not willfully harm a regular citizen because, but everything else is just part of the game. This line becomes his catchphrase of sorts and a motto to live by. It also fits nicely with the overall series.

1 "You come at the king, you best not miss."

After Avon's crew kill his boyfriend and try to kill him, Omar goes on the hunt. He takes out one of Avon's top men while taking shots at his right-hand man, Wee-Bey. He then calls out from the shadows with this iconic line which reminds everyone he is not someone you want on your bad side.NEXT: 5 Things The Sopranos Did Better Than The Wire (And 5 The Wire Did Better)

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