Win Woody Harrelson's Zombie-Killin' Hat From Zombieland - Winners!

Hey gang, thanks for entering, commenting and retweeting - here are the winners:

I'll be sending each of you a DM to let you know how to get your hat. Thanks to everyone who entered!

It's time for another Screen Rant giveaway, and this one's pretty cool: You just never know when you may have to face down a ravenous flesh-eating zombie in your own life, so Screen Rant is giving away 5 Real Deal Brazil zombie-killing hats, the same hardy headwear worn by an AK-47-totin' Woody Harrelson as he whups undead butt in Zombieland!

I've got me one of these killer hats (yeah, that's me on the right) and I'm ready to back Woody up. Are YOU ready to defend yourself from the impending zombie hordes? :-)

Hailing from a remote town in equatorial Brazil, these heady head-toppers are handmade from recycled tarps that once covered the beds of cross-country cargo trucks hauling open freight, from the steamy Amazon out to the bustling coast. Thus these hats have lived a full lifetime before ever reaching your head, having endured blinding rain, scalding heat, harsh salt winds, flying road debris and much, much more. Fighting off a bunch of the brain-dead undead is like a cakewalk by comparison.

This headwear is not only about as "green" as something canvas-colored can get - even tarp scraps are reused, sewn as patches onto other hats - it's also uncommonly hard to hurt, holding up to just about any abuse that you, or any zombies you may meet, might think to throw at it.

No two RDB hats can ever be alike, with variations in canvas colors, holes, frayings, patches, stitching and stains. Some hats even have snippets of Portuguese stamped on them in thick black ink. For a sense of the variety from hat to hat, check out the Real Deal Brazil collage below.

Thanks to Real Deal Brazil for sponsoring this great contest.

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