Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

It's been a while since we had a contest here at Screen Rant so we figured you might appreciate our latest giveaway. :-)

With the Iron Man movie less than two months away now, we thought you might like the opportunity to win one of the two posters above. We'll be giving away three of each of the above posters: One poster each to six lucky winners!

The poster on the left is the latest one for the movie and has been dubbed the "Evolution" poster, while the one on the right is the original teaser poster for the Iron Man.

Evolution poster size: 13.5" X 20"

Teaser poster size: 27" X 40" (Movie theater display size)

Decisions, decisions... while the teaser poster is huge and iconic, the evolution poster is super-cool and a more reasonable size for framing and hanging. :-)


As mentioned above, there will not be just one, but three winners. There are two steps required to enter the giveaway:

1. Sign up for our Screen Rant Newsletter using the form below. If you're a current subscriber and are receiving daily news updates you're already entered! If you're not yet a subscriber, just enter your email address below and you'll receive a daily summary of Screen Rant news in addition to registering for the contest!

2. Leave a comment below using the same email address you subscribed with - telling us which poster you would prefer and why you're looking forward to seeing Iron Man. (This step is to make sure someone who really wants a poster and is looking forward to the movie has a better chance of winning.)

Enter Your Email Address:

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IMPORTANT: You need to be a VERIFIED subscriber to be entered. For your protection we use what's called a double opt-in sign up method, which means when you sign up you'll receive a confirmation email that you must reply to.

If you don't reply to that confirmation email you're NOT subscribed to the newsletter or entered in the contest. I only mention it because I've seen quite a few unverified sign ups in there, and they won't count unless you reply and confirm that it was really you that signed up.

So remember: Sign up, verify, and comment below. :-)

The contest ends at midnight Sunday, March 9th, 2008. Everyone who is a newsletter subscriber at that time (unless you're related to me or write for Screen Rant), , lives in the continental United States (sorry, the shipping will kill me, otherwise) and has commented below has a chance to be randomly selected as one of the six winners.

Iron Man opens on May 2nd, 2008

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