Win A Chance To Have Dinner With Admiral Adama

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is coming out on DVD and our friends at are giving you the opportunity to sit down to dinner with the king of gravitas, Edward James Olmos - who plays Admiral Adama in the BSG universe.

Here's what they're offering if you have what it takes to win:

A trip to Los Angeles to dine with Edward James Olmos. Frakkin' awesome, right? But we're not just going to bestow this honor on anyone. You'll need to fill out the "Viper Pilot Application" form so that we know you qualify for consideration. You will be asked to answer 10 questions. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: 1) Knowledge of Battlestar Galactica TV series as displayed in the answers; 2) Creativity in formulation of answers; and 3) Clarity of thought in presentation of answers. So grab your gun and bring in the cat. Good hunting!

We have a couple of our own contests coming up later, but they're not quite as awesome as this one (maybe someday we'll "rate", eh?). :-P

Anyway, to enter head on over to and give it a shot.

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