Caprica DVD - Winners!

Here are the lucky winners of our Caprica DVD contest:

  • Joseph Allgren - Youngstown, OH
  • Miguel Lopez - Miami, FL
  • D. Jappsen - Spruce Grove, Canada

Thanks to everyone who entered and keep an eye out for our next giveaway!

Lucky you, it's time for another Screen Rant giveaway. Caprica is premiering 04/21/09 on DVD & Digital Download, and we're giving away three (3) copies of the series that is the prequel to the wildly popular, but now gone Battlestar Galactica.

Here's the official description of Caprica on DVD:

An astonishing breakthrough is taking shape on the planet Caprica. The rapidly evolving spheres of human and mechanical engineering have collided, along with the fates of two families. Joined by tragedy in an explosive instant of terror, two rival clans led by powerful patriarchs, Joseph Adama (Esai Morales, Jericho) and Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz, The Butterfly Effect) duel in an era of questionable ethics, corporate machinations and unbridled personal ambition as the final war for humanity looms. The latest phenomenon from the executive producers of Battlestar Galactica (Ronald D. Moore and David Eick), set in a time over 50 years earlier, Caprica is entirely its own world - provocative, thrilling and startling relevant to our own.

Three (3!) lucky winners will receive the Caprica DVD which includes the following Bonus Features:

  • Commentary with Director Jeffrey Reiner, Executive Producer/Writer Ronald D. Moore and Executive Producer David Eik
  • Deleted scenes
  • Video blogs

Our own Bruce Simmons wrote a spoiler-free Caprica review, and he rained praise upon it. Here is an excerpt:

"If you enjoy true character driven stories, you won’t be disappointed. It’s like Moore and Eick practiced with Battlestar Galactica and used their honed skills on Caprica. It’s believable and if you’re inclined to purchase this gem of a DVD, I think you will be pleased with this product."

"It’s dark and desperate, on a completely different level than BSG was. Where society was running for its life in Battlestar Galactica, these Caprica families desperately pursue misguided dreams that make society what it will be."

From the Executive Producers of Battlestar Galactica

Click Here to Unlock Exclusive clips from Caprica:

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Good luck!

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