Wilson Red Band Trailer: Woody Harrelson is Positively Negative

Wilson Daniel Clowes Cover Art

Based on the 2010 graphic novel by acclaimed underground comic book writer and artist Daniel Clowes - who is perhaps most popularly known as the creator and co-writer of the 2001 cult-hit comedy Ghost World Wilson is all set to star Woody Harrelson (Now You See Me 2) in the lead role. Centering around the aimless wanderings and near-accidental exploits of the eponymous, middle-aged curmudgeon, the new movie will find Harrelson forced to make amends with his ex-wife - played by Laura Dern (Wild) - and meet the daughter he didn't know existed - played by Isabella Amara.

Set to be directed by indie darling Craig Johnson of The Skeleton Twins fame and featuring an adapted screenplay provided by Clowes, Wilson is primed to deliver a black comedy sure to please fans of the original graphic novel. As for those otherwise unacquainted with Clowes' original work of illustrated fiction, a red band trailer for the new movie has just been released online.

In the footage featured above, distributor Fox Searchlight Pictures promises potential viewers a revealing glimpse of the kind of social eccentricity to be put on display throughout Wilson, including plenty of ill-advised indiscretions of both a public and private nature. Harrelson appears to be really chewing up the scenery as the film's titular protagonist, and Dern looks more than ready to match his outsized audacity measure for measure.

Wilson Daniel Clowes Cover Art

Clowes has always been one to give voice to the social outcasts and cultural misfits of American life, and in Wilson he has brought one of his most misanthropic characters to the big screen with exceptional gravitas and presence. Bearing certain thematic resemblances to past Fox Searchlight Pictures productions like Juno and Little Miss Sunshine, director Craig Johnson's latest motion picture has the chances of being another independent film runaway hit.

Only time will tell whether or not general audiences will line up in droves or small clusters of like-minded countercultural types to see Wilson when it finally reaches theaters early next year, though with any luck the performances provided by Harrelson and Dern will entice viewers either way. It's been ten years since Clowes' last adapted one of his works to the big screen in the form of Art School Confidential in 2006, and if everything goes according to plan his latest feature length cinematic effort will prove to be the kind of return worth recommending to general audiences.

Wilson will see theatrical release in the U.S. on March 24th, 2017.

Source: Fox Searchlight Pictures   

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