Willow Sequel TV Show Being Discussed for Disney+

Willow might be getting the sequel treatment in the form of a television show that would be available on Disney+. The Mouse House is set to launch its own streaming service this November, which will include Disney classics, as well as all-new original content.

The cult classic film, which was based on a story by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard, was released in 1988. It starred Warwick Davis as the titular hero. Davis portrayed Wicket in Return of the Jedi and has gone on to play many more Star Wars roles since. Willow was significantly different than the other Lucas properties that fans had grown accustomed to at that point. It followed Willow Ufgood, a farmer with aspirations of being a sorcerer, who winds up at the center of an epic battle after being tasked with the protection of a baby. Named Elora Danan, she would one day be the downfall of evil Queen Bavmorda, who had sent her fiercest warriors after the infant. The film also starred Val Kilmer, who played the mercenary Madmartigan and Joanne Whalley as the Queen’s daughter, Sorsha.

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During the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via, Howard confirmed that Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan is discussing the possibility of resurrecting Willow as a TV show on Disney+. Howard stated:

“There are some really serious discussions going on with Jon Kasdan, who was one of the writers of Solo, who kept hounding me about Willow the whole time we were shooting and also hounding Kathy Kennedy. We’re in discussions about developing a Willow television show for the Disney+. And I think it’d be a great way to go. In fact, George always talked about the possibility of a Willow series, and it’d be great and more intimate, and built around that character and some of the others. And Jon Kasdan has, I think, an inspired take on it and it could be really, really cool.”

Willow Warwick Davis

This is the first update on the project in quite some time. About a year ago, Howard mentioned that Willow spinoff was a possibility, perhaps a movie following Elora Danan as an adult. Not long after, the director stated that a sequel was being seriously considered, but since then, there’s been little word as to whether or not Willow would make his big screen return. Now, it would seem that he might be hitting the small screen instead.

Despite the fact that at launch Disney+ will have less than 20% of the content library that Netflix has, excitement has been quickly building for the streaming service. Several MCU shows have been announced, including a show that will follow Vision and Scarlet Witch, titled WandaVision. There will be plenty of new Star Wars content as well, with the first episode of The Mandalorian set to be available when Disney+ launches. The Mouse House will also be continuing their trend of live-action remakes of animated classics with Lady and the Tramp. A beloved cult classic like Willow could find new life and fit right in with Disney’s upcoming roster of shows and movies. It's promising to hear that Howard has so much faith in Kasdan's pitch and a series would leave plenty of room to explore such a strange and fascinating world. It’s too soon to know for certain, but fans will certainly be keeping their fingers crossed.

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