Ron Howard May Not Be Involved With Willow Sequel

Despite prior reports, if there's a sequel to Willow, Ron Howard might not be involved after all. While promoting Solo in May, Howard revealed that he and Lucasfilm were actively discussing a sequel to the film, and than backed that up with a tweet confirming they were "seriously exploring" the possibility.

It's easy to see why Willow would be a logical choice to revive. Like so many genre films of its time, Willow didn't perform spectacularly well at the box office, but it's become a cult classic in the vein of The Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. The nostalgia for Willow alone, coupled with the fact that original team members Ron Howard, Warwick Davis, and Kathleen Kennedy just worked together on Solo, makes the sequel seem at the very least logistically possible. Plus, there's a lot of story left to tell. Aspiring sorcerer Willow Ufgood's (Davis) quest was to protect the baby Elora Danan from the evil Queen Basmurda, whom Danan was foretold to vanquish. He's ultimately successful in doing so, but the movie ends with his victory. How Elora Danan fared meeting her destiny and Willow's potential career as a sorcerer are key elements of the story left open. However, it looks like Ron Howard might not be the person who winds up filling in those blanks.

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Slash Film reports that during a Q&A following an American Cinematheque screening of Willow - held as part of a retrospective on the director's work - Howard said, "I don't know, it's a Lucasfilm project," when asked if he would direct a potential sequel. Screenwriter Bob Dolman was also on hand, and he was similarly evasive when asked the same question: "I don’t know much about it yet, I know a little but not enough to talk about it."

Fin Raziel and Willow in Willow 1988

Considering a sequel hasn't even been officially greenlit, it's not totally surprising that both men remained mum - details about their involvement likely wouldn't be released until their contracts were solidified, and Willow 2 is clearly far from that stage. That said, it also wouldn't be totally surprising if neither Howard nor Dolman were able to be involved. While it seems logical that Howard would be the top choice to direct - and he seems to be at the forefront of much of the news surrounding a potential sequel, along with Warwick Davis, fresh off of his six total roles in Solo - his busy schedule just might not permit it.

At the end of the day, it's simply too early for anything to be said definitively about who will helm a Willow sequel, considering everything is still in such early stages. For now, the only thing for fans to do would seem to be hope that the stars align, and that this story gets another chapter from (at least most of) the people involved in the original.

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Source: Slash Film

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