Willis, Weaver & Cavill See 'The Cold Light Of Day'

Action legend Bruce Willis and sci-fi icon Sigourney Weaver are set to join Tudors star Henry Cavill in the thriller The Cold Light of Day for JCVD director Mabrouk El Mechri. Richard Price is currently working on a new draft of the script, which was originally written by Scott Wiper and John Petro so that shooting on the film can begin on September 6th.

According to Variety the plot is as follows:

“Story centers on a young American whose family is kidnapped while on a vacation to Spain. He is left with only hours to find his family, uncover a government conspiracy and find the connection between the kidnapping and his father's secrets.”

Kidnap and revenge thrillers are something of a current phenomenon in Hollywood, following the success of Liam Neeson’s Taken. Weaver is currently in production on Abduction alongside teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner, and the thriller Prisoners could be on the way in the near future. Throw into the mix the potential of Taken 2 and it would appear that the old joke about “Which writing pays the best? – Ransom notes,” appears to be very accurate.

Willis seems to be on something of an action kick recently – odd considering how a few years ago he claimed to be growing tired of the genre. He’s got the action/comedy Red on the way, a cameo in The Expendables and he’s also recently been talking up Die Hard 5. For a man in his 50’s he’s still pretty good at kicking ass and taking names. Lets hope that trend continues for another ten years or so.

Henry Cavill’s position in Hollywood is something of a peculiar one. The Tudors star first came to prominence in The Count of Monte Cristo and since then he's been on the short list for a lot of high-profile roles. Over the last decade he has been linked to James Bond, Batman and Superman. Not bad – at least his agent is working for his ten percent. The young actor has also snagged the lead role alongside Mickey Rourke in the Clash of the Titans-esqe film, Immortals.

My only real worry is that The Cold Light of Day sounds a bit too much like a generic thriller. The casting of Willis and Weaver would suggest otherwise, but remember that Willis does have something of an erratic choice in film projects. While he has some stellar films under his belt - like The Sixth Sense and Pulp Fiction - there are a few disasters like The Color of Night and A Perfect Stranger. Fingers crossed that all involved aren’t just taking a “busman’s holiday” and jumping on board for the Tapas and Rioja.

Source: Variety

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