William Shatner Wants Carrie Fisher To Get A Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Today, William Shatner tweeted his desire for Star Wars' Carrie Fisher to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It's been nearly two years since Fisher passed away in Los Angeles, after suffering a heart attack on a return flight from London. She would go on to appear posthumously in The Last Jedi a year later, in December 2017.

At first, Disney insisted she would not appear in Episode IX as Princess Leia, but this summer confirmed that Fisher would appear in the final film of the latest trilogy, using deleted scenes from The Force Awakens. Director J.J. Abrams revealed that he'd been unable to find an ending he liked for the Skywalker saga without her, so after receiving a blessing from her daughter Billie, decided to use previously unseen footage. Months before the announcement, Mark Hamill took to Twitter to express his feelings that Fisher was "irreplaceable," despite her centrality to the Episode IX story.

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Given the actress' popularity and enduring legacy, it no doubt comes as a surprise to many that she has yet to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Aside from Hamill, who tweeted she should get one to replace Donald Trump's.) It certainly came as a surprise to fellow sci-fi icon William Shatner, who tweeted his disbelief at the circumstance. In a series of tweets that followed, some fans suggested she get a star next to her mother Debbie Reynolds', and also that a crowdfund should be set up to cover the $30,000 sponsorship fee. Shatner responded to the latter offers by pumping the brakes to allow her family to make the decision regarding a possible star for Fisher, but did express his enthusiasm for the idea of crowdfunding, should it be necessary.

It's not entirely uncommon for lauded stars like Fisher to not receive a star on the Walk of Fame until late in their career or even posthumously. A star on the Walk of Fame is an accolade that carries with it prestige, but the $30,000 sponsorship fee no doubt deters many honorees who, despite their fame, might not have the bottomless pockets fans may at first assume.

Luckily it seems Fisher has no end of fans - and celebrity friends - ready and willing to contribute to paying for her to receive the honor if they can, and a star would go nicely alongside the posthumous Grammy she received in 2018 for Best Spoken Word Album for "The Princess Diarist." Whether or not she ever does receive a star though, her legacy as a Hollywood legend is more than secure.

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