William Hurt Joins Cast Of The Incredible Hulk

Director Louis Leterrier continues to make interesting casting choices for his version of the Hulk movie. With Edward Norton as Banner, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, and Tim Roth as "The Abomination, he's gathered some heavy hitters for The Incredible Hulk.

It's starting to shape up kind of like Jon Favreau is doing for Iron Man - brining in some really excellent actors to give the film some "weight." I've never been a big Hulk fan, but I didn't hate the previous film... I just found it a bit boring. My only fear with this one is that Leterrier seems to be hiring actors that are known for fairly low key/low energy performances and this movie needs to have some excitement to it. On the other hand, he did direct The Transporter which was about as high energy as you can get, and Ed Norton is very capable of bring some serious intensity to the big screen (as he did in American History X)

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