Willem Dafoe Talks John Carter of Mars & His Character

Will Dafoe look like the dead Thark in this image?

MTV also had a chance to chat with Willem Dafoe while he was promoting his film, Antichrist, at TIFF and managed to get a little tidbit of interesting info out of the actor and whether or not he's seen what his character will look like.

"I’ve seen renderings... Andrew Stanton comes out of Pixar and the amount of research and development that they do on this stuff is incredible. And I’ll be involved in part of that."

Dafoe also says soon there will be a time for him to work with the studio on his movement and speech to figure out the type of voice he'll put on to match his tall-standing alien. He also explained that movies won't simply be over-the-top eye candy, that it will have a slight political undertone.

That's the latest on John Carter of Mars - don't forget to check out the round-up to see the entire cast of John Carter of Mars. This movie has strong talent behind it and a high-quality studio. I expect big things from the movie and it'll no doubt launch the career of its Canadian lead, Taylor Kitsch, hopefully making him bankable lead star and possibly giving him more opportunities of playing Gambit again in the X-Men film franchise.

What do you think of Dafoe's character and casting choice? He's perfect in my mind.

Shooting begins for John Carter of Mars next January.

Sources: AICN, MTV

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