Will Tyler Mane Raise The Mighty Hammer Of Thor?

Tyler Mane (Michael Myers in the Halloween prequel/remake-prequel and Sabretooth in X-Men) may be up for the part of Thor in Matthew Vaughn's (the guy who just did Stardust) upcoming adaptation.

The thing is, this is the second time Mane's name has been associated with the God of Thunder.

Years ago, when rumors of a Thor television series might happen, rumors had Stan "The Man" Lee behind Mane as the titular "Goldilocks." When that fell through, Marvel shelved the multimedia project until recently.

With the actor, writer and director unions' facing a potential strike, studios are getting their films made now, then staggering the releases in case there aren't any key cast and crew available to make movies and TV shows.

Hence, I believe, Thor is going before cameras next year, probably in the early part. The script is by Mark Protosevich, who wrote Will Smith's upcoming I Am Legend.

Also, the JLA, G.I. Joe and Avengers movies could also be rushing towards production because of strike fears.

I wouldn't mind seeing Mane in the title role in a movie that covers the origins of Thor, Odin, Asgard and more. Does this mean he'll still play Sabretooth (rumored, natch) in the Wolverine movie? Anyway you slice it, it should be fun!

Source: MTV's Movie Blog

Hat tip: Advanced Dark

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