Will The Wolfman Land(is) A Director?

When I wrote my first story on The Wolfman little did I know that it would consume most of my week. Since Mark Romanek quit the production it seems that every director in Hollywood has been mentioned in relation to the film.

What? You think that I'm kidding? Really? Want to see the list?

Okay, now deep breath. The list goes like this:

Brett Ratner, Frank Darabont, James Mangold, Breck Eisner, Matt Reeves, Joe Johnston, Martin Campbell and Bill Condon.

An interesting list and one that is sure cause a lot of fan discussion. However, it won't cause as much excitement as a name that is being mentioned by Collider as a strong contender; John Landis.

Now that you've lifted your jaw from the floor, let me continue.

As you probably know, Landis is the director behind the iconic An American Werewolf in London, probably the greatest werewolf film ever made. If you haven't seen it, shame on you, go out and buy it!

In the 1980's Landis was at the top of his game; Trading Places, Blues Brothers, Three Amigos, Coming to America and the above mentioned horror flick to name but a few. He also directed Michael Jackson's Thriller music video. However, during the 1990's he unleashed a new breed of horror on the film-going public, the likes of: Oscar, The Blues Brothers 2000, The Stupids and Beverly Hills Cop 3 were thrust upon unsuspecting audiences.

The material for The Wolfman was once prime Landis material, but can you recapture past glories? Is it better to burn out or fade away?

All this is speculation at the moment, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will keep you updated.

Is Universal howling mad? Will John Landis get the kind of chance to save a career that only comes around once in a blue moon? Can I come up with more wolfman related puns? Can I fit more questions into an article?

We will find out soon.

Source: Collider

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