Will The Incredible Hulk Defeat Iron Man?

They collect data during the movie ticket purchase process including a "buzz factor" (OK, the real name is "Aided Awareness" but that's boring). They say that buzz factor score for Iron Man was 36%... and for The Incredible Hulk, it's currently at 49%! So fully one third more people are aware there's a new Hulk movie coming out than knew about Iron Man, even with it's uber-marketing campaign. That's quite a change from just a month ago where it seemed like every person I talked to who didn't follow movie websites said "There's a new 'Hulk' movie coming out?"

So the question is whether that will translate into big opening weekend box office numbers for The Incredible Hulk. Could a third higher awareness of the film translate to a third more dollars at movie theaters? Not necessarily, but if it does, that means that our big green friend could be looking at a $130 million opening weekend! That would be a helluva shocker, but awesome news for Marvel Studios...

I'm wondering if the success of Iron Man is actually helping to boost the buzz on Hulk. People saw how awesome that movie was and now they're thinking Marvel might be able to go two for two.

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13, 2008.


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