Will Smith Stars In '7 Pounds' Movie

I've seen the poster for this but beyond that haven't really dug into it up until now. Will Smith teamed up once again with the director and producers he worked with in Pursuit of Happyness for the movie Seven Pounds.

The synopsis of the film is very succinct:

The emotional story of a man who will change the lives of seven strangers.

In addition to Will Smith the film stars Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson. Italian director Gabriele Muccino impressed me with "Happyness" and I'm sure this will be quite the emotionally moving film as well (I'm a sucker for these things, although I generally don't go out of my way to watch them).

Check out the poster and the trailer below:


Will Smith Seven Pounds poster

Official movie site:

Seven Pounds opens on December 19th.

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