Will Smith's Biblical Vampire Film 'Redemption of Cain' Moving Forward

Sony has greenlit 'The Redemption of Cain', a retelling of the Cain and Abel story (with a vampire twist) that Will Smith is producing (and may also direct).

Vampires and U.S. history were merged together this year in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; it appears the next genre blend featuring the ravenous undead is going to be Will Smith's The Redemption of Cain.

Redemption of Cain is a re-imagining of the Biblical brother tale of Cain and Abel - with "a vampiric twist." Smith began circling the project two years ago, with plans to both produce and headline the film (then titled Legend of Cain). Reports leaked out earlier this summer, revealing that Smith had also begun making plans to tackle directorial duties; it's not altogether clear whether that remains the case now.

The vampire movie and TV show craze has been ongoing for years now (Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries); we're also currently on the verge of a Biblical epic resurgence from Hollywood. For instance: Darren Aronofsky is currently filming his big-budget treatment of the Noah story - not to mention, Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg have been linked to gestating Moses projects this year. Meanwhile, Scott Derrickson's Biblical action-adventure Goliath may still be alive (in some form).

Sony Pictures isn't wasting any time getting in on that "next big thing," as The Wrap is confirming the studio has given Redemption of Cain a greenlight to begin production in July 2013. Whether or not Smith will be responsible for putting the film together, remains to be seen - though he is set to produce through Overbrook Entertainment (which backed Smith's previous "vampire" film, I Am Legend).

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Noah is courting controversy as a result of Aronofsky's personal interpretation of the film's namesake as "the first environmentalist." It's a safe bet that Smith will encounter resistance to Redemption of Cain - regardless of how, exactly, vampirism fits into the picture. Caleeb Pinkett (Smith's brother-in-law) penned the original script; however, he bears no feature credits to his name, so it remains a question as to how he has re-envisioned the famous religious tale.

More informative, perhaps, are reports that Redemption of Cain script revisions were handled by Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center) and Dan Knauf. The latter threaded Biblical elements together with 20th-century American history to produce a dense new mythology in the cult HBO show Carnivàle; he went on to serve in creative capacity on such series as My Own Worst Enemy and Spartacus.

Things are still taking shape with regards to The Redemption of Cain. Hopefully, there will be more information arriving in the foreseeable future (as always, we will keep you posted).


Source: The Wrap

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