Will Smith Stars In Awesome Matrix Home Movie With His Son

Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in the original Matrix movie. Now, fans can see him in a home movie based on the Wachowski sisters' world.

In a heartwarming new Instagram post, actor Will Smith shared a series of home movies he produced with his son Trey based on The Matrix. Smith, who starred in other 1990s science-fiction blockbusters like Independence Day and Men In Black, was almost cast in the original The Matrix.

Smith previously revealed in a YouTube video that he was offered the starring role of Neo in the Wachowski sisters' iconic 1999 movie. However, unsure of what to make of the film after an unusual pitch meeting, and wary of starring in yet another science-fiction movie, Smith ultimately turned down the part, which was then given to Keanu Reeves. The Matrix went on to become a groundbreaking action film, and it is set to get a third sequel in the years ahead. The Matrix 4 will also feature Reeves, as well as original co-star Carrie-Anne Moss, as the duo return to the world of Zion and The Matrix.

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In an Instagram post this week, Will Smith revealed that every year for his son Trey's birthday, the duo would shoot an "episode" of a home movie they called "The Treytrix." The Instagram post includes footage from the home movies, complete with action sequences, snappy dialogue ("Give me the amulet!"), and cheesy special effects. Further proving his bona fides as father of the year, Will Smith also shared a heartwarming caption wishing his adult son a happy birthday. Trey Smith responded to the post with fond remembrances of his own, writing, "These were the absolute greatest ways to spend time with the family."

Trey is Will Smith's oldest son. Although he has not achieved Hollywood fame like Smith's other children Jaden and Willow, Trey is also part of the entertainment industry. With a handful of acting credits to his name, Trey is now a DJ with nearly 500,000 Instagram followers of his own. The entire Smith family have careers in showbusiness, and Will Smith isn't the only member of the clan associated with The Matrix trilogy. Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith co-starred in The Matrix sequels, and in October, it was rumored that she was in talks to reprise her role for the upcoming Matrix 4 sequel. The sequels never received the critical acclaim of the 1999 original; however, many fans are still eager to see new films set in the futuristic universe.

So far, very little is known about the newest entry in The Matrix franchise. Producers are reportedly looking to cast a young Morpheus, which could point toward a potential time-travel plot. And despite the events of the previous sequels, the original stars are returning for Matrix 4. In the meantime, "The Treytrix" is the first original Matrix material to be released in a long time. The Treytrix may not prove to The Matrix fans that Smith should have accepted the role of Neo in the first place. However, it is further proof that growing up with an action star like Will Smith looks like a lot of fun.

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