Will Smith is Going to Heli-Bungee Jump Over the Grand Canyon

Will Smith in Independence Day

Will Smith has accepted a challenge from fans to heli-bungee jump from a helicopter, but took it a step further by insisting that the death-defying stunt take place over the Grand Canyon.

Smith of course has played a lot of fearless people over the course of his long movie career. He's courageously punched aliens, fought robots, survived zombies. He even made it through an M. Night Shyamalan movie relatively unscathed. In his most recent film Bright, Smith teamed with an orc cop (Joel Edgerton) to battle the forces of darkness over a magic wand. Suffice it to say, at least in his movies, there isn't a lot that intimidates Will Smith. (Except maybe squid babies.)

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But now Smith will prove he's just as fearless in real life by agreeing to an insane fan challenge involving bungee jumping from a helicopter while flying over the Grand Canyon. Smith accepted the fan challenge in a video posted to his Will Smith YouTube channel. See the video above.

The original challenge came from a YouTube channel called Yes Theory. As explained on their channel, the men of Yes Theory "are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow." In their videos, they've done everything from sneaking into dangerous places to spending 24 hours locked in a bathroom. Being big fans of Will Smith, a guy who's as big a go-getter as they are, the group decided to extend a heli-bungee challenge to the actor. And Smith heard the challenge.

In his response video (which may be the best-produced response video ever), Smith accepts the Yes Theory challenge. But first, he has to do a little research on the heli-bungee thing. Which of course involves Googling. Smith then gets a simulated first-hand look at what his heli-bungee experience might be like, using a drone and a Men in Black doll. It's the kind of good-humored stuff you would expect from Will Smith, even though heli-bungeeing sounds like anything but a joke.

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Ultimately, Smith agrees to the Yes Theory challenge, but with a few conditions. First, he insists the stunt be done in the name of charity. Second, he won't do it while he's working on a movie because he would be in breach of contract. And third, the stunt must take place over the Grand Canyon. (Because like his fellow superstar Tom Cruise, Will Smith never does anything halfway.) A very cool response from Will Smith to a very insane challenge. If the actor survives the stunt, he'll next appear in the sci-fi movie Gemini Man for director Ang Lee. He will also be starring in a sequel to Netflix's critically bashed but fan embraced Bright.

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