McG Wants Will Smith For 20,000 Leagues Remake

Man, a lot of things came to light during director McG's Terminator Salvation panel in NYC this past week. Besides silencing skeptics and seriously amping up the buzz-o-meter for Salvation, McG informed our good friends over at Latino Review about his plan for the upcoming remake of Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

And, to everyone's surprise, McG had this say: he wants Will Smith to star in the film.

According to Kellvin Chavez from Latino Review, about his conversation with McG after the screening:

Wow. Thanks to Kellvin for being a good old-fashioned nosy reporter. Great scoop.

However, as Kellvin is quick to point out, there is no indication yet of whether McG wants Big Will to play the role of Nemo, or the role of good-sailor Ned Land, who was played in the original 20,000 Leagues by actor Kirk Douglass. But I expect an answer will soon come to light, since McG is scheduled to hold a West Coast panel for Terminator Salvation in a few days time. Hopefully our fellow bloggers out West will press him to elaborate on the Will Smith issue.

Until then, which role would YOU like to see Big Will play in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

Source: Latino Review

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