Will Poulter Was The Perfect Sid From Toy Story This Halloween

Actor Will Poulter looks like Sid from Toy Story, so he decided to dress as a spot-on version of the character for Halloween.

Will Poulter turned heads this Halloween with an amazingly spot-on costume of Sid from Toy Story. The evil neighborhood bully terrified toys by torturing them for fun, but ultimately got his comeuppance and a nice scare from Woody (Tom Hanks). For much of Disney's groundbreaking computer-animated classic, Sid was the driving force behind the challenges facing Woody, Buzz Lightyear & Co.

Apparently, at some point someone told Poulter that he kind of looks like Sid. He has the perfect face to actually look like the kid come to life, and the Detroit actor decided to make it happen. The results are about as perfect as you can imagine for a Halloween take on the character, and in the process he was able to raise awareness for a cause important to him and millions of others.

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Check out Poulter's costume below, via his official Twitter account. He nailed the Sid look to a T, from the skull shirt to the hair to the props. He puts the outfit over the top with the character's distinctive mangled teeth. In an accompanying note, the actor remarked that he wanted to "respond to the comparisons to Disney/Pixar's biggest bully next door," confirming that many people have mentioned his resemblance to him. Poulter also took the costume and his tweet as an opportunity to bring more attention to Anti-Bullying Pro, a cause of the U.K.'s Diana Award anti-bullying organization for which he is an ambassador.


— Will Poulter (@PoulterWill) October 29, 2017

He asked his 328,000-plus Twitter followers to connect with Anti-Bullying Pro on social media, while also encouraging everyone to have "a laugh at my expense." Poulter was especially eager to share his message during October, which is Bullying Prevention Month in the U.S., with Antibullying Week coming up in the U.K.

The actor's Sid costume will go down as one of the most memorable celebrity get-ups of the Halloween season, as much for its powerful and heartfelt underlying theme as its flawless appearance. Poulter didn't just deliver an incredibly accurate look, he also raised awareness for a great cause and an issue that is always worth addressing

Encouraging his followers to laugh at him may send kind of a mixed message when Poulter's true goal is to prevent bullying, but laughing at yourself over a fun Toy Story costume is certainly far from the kind of behavior that continues to affect schools in both America and the U.K. At the end of the day, the actor's costume and use of it to spread a worthwhile message is one of this Halloween's biggest wins.

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