Voltron: Legendary Defender: Will Season 5 Feature An Unexpected Alliance?

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Will Season 5 See Lotor Join Team Voltron?

This political upheaval within the Galra Empire has been happening for the most part behind the scenes, but there have been a few instances where Team Voltron has observed this in-fighting. During their first run-in with Lotor during season 3, for instance, they come upon him attempting to steal the Teleduv lense and are rightly confused to find him attacking a Galra base. Then again in season 4, while first testing out Voltron's cloaking system, the Paladins come to the rescue of someone under Zarkon's attack - only to be surprised it's Lotor, who they then inadvertently run interference for, allowing him and his (remaining) generals to flee.

It's after this confrontation between father and son that Zarkon makes his broadcast across all Galra communications (which Team Voltron are also tapped in to), declaring that Lotor is now a fugitive and enemy of the empire. That is the last Team Voltron hear of Lotor before he arrives on the scene in the finale and saves their butts, making it seem at the very least plausible they would give him the benefit of the doubt were he to propose an alliance. Unlike Zarkon and Hagar, the Paladins of Voltron aren't fully aware of Lotor's plans or that he was attempting to re-open the gate to that reality of infinite Quintessence. As far as they know, Lotor's scheming is putting him at odds with Zarkon and that could feasibly become a situation in where the enemy of their enemy is their friend.

The final stinger before Voltron season 4 cuts to black is Lotor suggesting, "I think it's time we had a discussion," so he's obviously thinking he can somehow work his exile to his advantage and ingratiate himself to Team Voltron. By this point, his three remaining generals have also turned on him, having tried to turn him over to Zarkon in hopes of receiving a pardon, and though Lotor escapes, he can longer count them among his allies. At the end of season 4, Lotor is desperate - but in a way, so are Team Voltron and the rest of the coalition. They may have escaped Hagar's planet-bomb, but they came incredibly close to total defeat - something they only avoided thanks to Lotor.

Only a new season of Voltron: Legedary Defender will reveal if the series decides to go this route, but the setup is clearly there. There's no way it would be an easy alliance, and it's doubtful Team Voltron would ever come to wholly trust Lotor - and to be fair, they really shouldn't - but in the war against Zarkon, they're going to need all the help they can get.

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