Will & Grace Revival Teaser Confirms Full Trailer Next Week

Will & Grace has officially joined the revival bandwagon, as the above teaser confirms. NBC announced a new season of the hit '90s/00s show earlier this year. Will & Grace season 9 will be twelve episodes long (an extension from the originally-planned ten episode run) and will premiere on NBC as part of the fall season later this year. The show joins several other long-finished TV series that have been picked up for revivals recently, including Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, Full House, Twin Peaks, and X-Files.

Since the revival was announced, fans have been wondering what they can expect to see in the series, but there haven't been too many hints about the content. From the poster, it is clear that the four core characters will be returning - Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Karen (Megan Mullally) and Jack (Sean Hayes). Beyond that, however, there's no news on what will happen in the upcoming season... but a new trailer promised for next week will give fans their first look.

The trailer was announced with a teaser trailer posted to the Will & Grace YouTube channel earlier today. The teaser is only around 15 seconds long, and shows the core cast of Will and Grace about to start filming a scene. Voices are heard saying "still rolling" and "105 take one, good luck guys," and a clapperboard for the first episode. This then fades out to the Will & Grace logo and the words "Trailer Release - This Monday."

The teaser gives very little away, although it does look like the cast are standing in Will's apartment from the original series, which suggests that at least one set will be the same. This isn't too surprising, though, and doesn't reveal much about how the character's lives have changed in the intervening years since Will & Grace's initial run.

The trailer itself should reveal a lot more about what to expect from the revival, and will likely set up the basis for the new season. At the end of the season finale, the show revealed a flash forward to twenty years in the future, and the revival is picking up around ten years after the show ended, so if the original continuity is honored, Will and Grace may not be close when the revival picks up. The revival may, however, wipe the flash forward and create something entirely new - and fans will get a hint of which way the show is going this Monday.

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Will & Grace returns to NBC during the 2017/2018 TV season.

Source: NBC

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