How The Will & Grace Revival Handled Rosario's Death

will and grace rosario death

Here's how the Will & Grace revival handled the death of fan-favorite character Rosario. Will & Grace follows the comic misadventures of the title characters, played by Eric McCormack (Travelers) and Debra Messing. Will is a gay corporate lawyer and Grace is his straight best friend and roommate, an interior designer. The other major characters on the show include Karen Walker (Megan Mullally), Grace's assistant and their friend Jack, played by Sean Hayes.

Will & Grace debuted on NBC back in 1998 and quickly became a ratings hit. The show's breezy humor, the comic chemistry of the cast and its handling of LGBTQ issues made it a hit with viewers. The original series ran for eight seasons in total, coming to an end in 2006. While there was talk of a spinoff show featuring Karen and Jack, this didn't come to pass. The cast later reunited in 2016 for a short sketch, which proved so popular that NBC greenlit a ninth season, which arrived in 2017. The upcoming eleventh season of Will & Grace will mark the end of the show - at least for now.

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For all the cutting one-liners and gags, it was the warm heart of Will & Grace that attracted so many viewers. This was oddly highlighted by the catty relationship between Karen and her maid Rosario Salazar, played by Shelly Morrison (Foodfight!). She was an offscreen character during season 1 before making her debut in the finale, which was supposed to be a one-off appearance. Rosario proved to be such a hit she became a recurring character and even married Jack during season 2 to earn a green card, though they later divorced.

will and grace karen walker rosario salazar

In spite of trading venomous barbs with one another, there was a genuinely sweet friendship between Karen and Rosario. Rosario's actress Shelly Morrison had retired from performing in between season 8 and 9, and couldn't be tempted back for the Will & Grace revival. In season 9 Rosario is still working for Karen offscreen, but in episode 6 "Rosario's Quinceañera," it's revealed she collapsed and died from a heart attack. Karen throws the quinceañera that Rosario never had as a teenager, but she's too sad to actually show up. She turns up at the end to say an emotional goodbye, admitting Rosario was her best friend and her "everything."

It was a warm tribute to the character, who was popular enough with Will & Grace fans to warrant a proper farewell. While it would have been nice to see Rosario one last time on the show, "Rosario's Quinceañera" was a suitably fitting farewell to the character.

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