Debra Messing Downplays Will & Grace Revival Reports

Debra Messing has taken to Twitter to deny comments from Leslie Jordan that NBC had already picked Will & Grace up for a 10-episode revival.

Debra Messing and Eric McCormack in Will and Grace

Will & Grace was one of the biggest sitcoms of its time, running for eight seasons at NBC and laying in place the foundations for sitcoms of its kind in the decades ahead. Destroying the barriers that were cemented at the time with its central gay themes, Will & Grace became one of the first popular sitcoms to feature such a thing with such prominent homosexual leads. Following titular characters Will (Eric McCormack); a gay man and his best friend, Grace (Debra Messing), the leading cast was rounded out by their on-screen best friends Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally).

Despite coming to an end in 2006, the show has maintained an incredibly loyal fan base who continue to watch the reruns at every opportunity, so when the rumors started that a revival could be in the works at NBC, it didn’t take long for things to start blowing up on social media. Will & Grace regular guest star Leslie Jordan then opened up about the chances of new episodes in a radio interview, claiming that 10 episodes had already been commissioned at the television network.

However, Messing took to her Twitter this week in a bid to clear up all of the chatter:

Sadly Leslie was wrong. Nothing beyond talks.

— Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) January 2, 2017

Though she confirmed that there had been talks, Messing downplayed Leslie’s comments about new episodes already being planned and said that her former co-star “was wrong”. Cue those fans who had already got their hopes up to send their tweets of despair to the show’s leading star. Whilst Messing denies any firm plans are yet to be put in place, the fact that talks are still ongoing has to be a good sign for anybody who wants to see the group reunite.

Now it’s fair to say that TV revivals have been coming thick and fast as of late, with many of them gaining success and fans hoping for even more new additions to the franchise in the future. Fuller House for example is now moving into its third season, whilst series such as Twin Peaks and Prison Break are gearing up for a return to the small screen. Viewers don’t mind revisiting old characters and places, so long as the writing is good and the revival doesn’t tarnish each show’s individual legacy.

That however doesn’t mean a Will & Grace comeback would be an instant success. Because of the incredible quality much of the show’s entire run had, any amount of new episodes would have to do something special to rank amongst the best. A Will & Grace return might not be right around the corner, but if that’s because the people behind the show want to make sure every little thing is right before making a comeback, who are we to judge?

Source: Debra Messing

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