All of Will & Grace Will Be Streamed Ahead of Series Revival

All 194 episodes of the first eight seasons of Will & Grace will be available to stream on various platforms ahead of the sitcom's revival on NBC this month. After ending more than a decade ago, the critically-acclaimed TV show will be making an emphatic return to the air, with the original cast members reprising their characters in the return. The network seems to be very confident that fans will enjoy what they have in store, as they've already renewed the revival for a second season well ahead of its premiere. Since the show earned more than 83 Emmy nominations and 16 wins during its original run, it's easy to see why executives are so positive.

With Will & Grace about to re-enter the zeitgeist after a prolonged absence, there's bound to be interest in the earlier episodes. Whether one is a longtime fan of the show wanting to relive favorite moments or a newcomer looking to catch up, many would like to watch previous seasons, but unfortunately they've largely been unavailable for the last 11 years. That all changes now, as Will & Grace makes its streaming debut.

NBC announced in a press release the entirety of Will & Grace will be available on the NBC app, Hulu, and on-demand through cable and satellite providers beginning Thursday, September 21. NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt and Hulu Chief Content Officer Joel Stillerman expressed enthusiasm for the move, saying it's the perfect way to bring the sitcom to the widest audience possible.

Greenblatt: "As we gear up for the launch of the upcoming season premiere, I can’t think of a better way to reintroduce Will & Grace to the cultural zeitgeist than by giving audiences the opportunity to watch this historic and hilarious series wherever and whenever they want. With its witty comebacks, pop-culture references and social commentary, Will & Grace is one of the most binge-able comedies in television history, and I am certain fans both old and new will jump on this opportunity to devour it."

Stillerman: "There’s no question that Will & Grace has resonated with audiences since the series made its broadcast premiere. To be able to bring such an iconic show into the streaming universe for the first time ever is an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. This landmark deal will allow fans to re-watch their favorite moments ahead of the series premiere, as well as bring Will & Grace and its cast of characters to a whole new audience."

It goes without saying the revival's episodes will also be available on the aforementioned streaming platforms, following their original network broadcasts. Though the first eight seasons were sold in DVD box sets, it's nice to see NBC taking advantage of modern technology, making it easier for viewers to watch all of Will & Grace from beginning to end. These days, more and more people consume their entertainment by streaming shows and movies on their mobile devices, so if Will & Grace is to catch on with the general public again, this was a necessary development. Now, it's time for fans to binge as they wait for the next season to start up.

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Source: NBC

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