Will & Grace: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Worst)

Will & Grace was introduced to audiences in 1998, running for a successful eight seasons, ending in 2006. The public was thrilled when the cast reunited for a revival in 2017, but unfortunately following the show's third season the series will once again come to an end. Will & Grace has been credited with helping mass audiences understand the LGBTQ community and its struggles, more so than any other show before its time and perhaps even since then. It's funny, it's eclectic and its characters range from alcoholic socialite Karen (Megan Mullally) to neurotic Jewish interior designer Grace (Debra Messing), alongside flamboyantly gay Jack (Sean Hayes) and meticulous gay lawyer, Will (Eric McCormack). We've seen our fair share of friendships on this show, so here are the 5 best, and the 5 worst.

10 Worst: Jack & Elliot

While the two are biologically father and son, they didn't always know one another, thus their relationship began as a tedious friendship. Elliot is a teenager when he meets Jack, and initially the two clash because of Jack's reluctance to know Elliot considering his own unsuccessful relationship with his own father. They do eventually establish a relationship of sorts, but it's not the strongest or the best. Elliot's introduction as a storyline may have provided some laughs but definitely wasn't among the most memorable in Will & Grace.

9 Best: Karen & Rosario

The friendship between Karen and Rosario (Shelley Morrison) truly resembles something more along the lines of "frenemies", but that doesn't mean it's not worth mentioning. Rosario works as Karen's maid, but they have something more than an employer-employee relationship. Rosario isn't afraid to stand up to Karen and Karen can express some truly derisive comments Rosario's way from time to time, but the two still manage to stick together.

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In the revival, Rosario was given a nice funeral and in a rare moment of vulnerability on Karen's part, we could see her struggle with the loss of Rosario though she tried to convey otherwise. Plus, we always did love Karen and Rosario's moments because they were some of the funniest.

8 Worst: Grace & Val

Grace and Val (Molly Shannon) didn't exactly get off on the right foot. Val initially strikes up a friendship with Will, which bothers Grace to no end, leaving her feeling like she's being replaced. Of course, this isn't the case, but it leads to a showdown between the two women. In the midst, they discover they do share a few things in common, but they don't necessarily enter into a lasting friendship. Especially considering the fact that Val is a recovering alcoholic and generally an unstable person with psychotic tendencies.

7 Best: Grace & Karen

These two work together day in and day out; though really, it's Grace doing the work while Karen files her nails most of the time. The thing is, Karen helps Grace out in another major way by alerting her socialite friends to Grace's business, therefore keeping Grace afloat as an interior designer. Karen constantly criticizes Grace's wardrobe and choices in men, but at the same time, she pushes Grace to be a better version of herself, albeit somewhat unsparingly.

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On the other hand, Grace accepts Karen for who she is and can get in a few jabs here and there, to which Karen will brush off or even agree with, giving them a friendly banter that works for them and makes us laugh simultaneously.

6 Worst: Grace & Jack

If not for Will, these two would never hang out. As it is, the two have more of a casual friendship that never quite hits anything too deeply. It certainly pales in comparison to Grace's friendships with Will and Karen. Yet, when Grace and Jack have a mutual mission (for example, when the two were rifling through Will and Grace's apartment looking for clues as to what Will wasn't telling them in a Season 1 episode), they seem to manage well enough to accomplish their end goal. Overall, however, if not for their mutual friends, these two wouldn't have much to talk about, nor would they hang out as much, if at all.

5 Best: Will & Jack

These two gay men are the best and closest of friends. Not unlike Will's relationship with Grace, Jack is also his polar opposite. While Will is reliable, independent, maintains a steady career and doesn't date excessively, Jack is the complete opposite. Will is always there for his friend, whether it be financially or support for whatever career-of-the-week Jack's taken it upon himself to dive into.

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The two can also be quite brutal with one another but neither takes much offense to it (like the time Jack took the Cosmopolitan quiz to see if his best friend was a b***h). Jack encourages Will to get out of his comfort zone and Will brings Jack back to reality every so often (like the time he helped Jack out with the IRS). Their friendship is true and has persevered through many things, making it last.

4 Worst: Karen & Beverley

Naturally, we all know just how deeply these two characters utilize the term "frenemies." Karen uses every opportunity to insult Beverley's (Leslie Jordan) height and in turn, Beverley taunts Karen for her addictions and other such failures in her life. The two run around in the same social circle, occasionally running into each other at random events. They are brutally honest with one another and their jabs are definitely one of the best elements of comedy the audience enjoys, though that doesn't necessarily mean their "friendship" is a great one.

3 Best: Will & Grace

Will and Grace; you can't have one without the other. They are roommates and best friends; not only do they have one of the best friendships on the show, but they have been friends for so long they have become family to one another. The fact that the two have completely opposite personalities seems to make their friendship work, as their polar-opposite selves balance out the other.

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Will is more meticulous, realistic and patient while Grace tends to lie more on the neurotic, creative and impatient side, but it works because the two have stuck together and have been through many ups and downs with the other on their side.

2 Worst: Will & Karen

You've noticed over the years how rocky the already fragile relationship is between Will and Karen. The two merely seem to antagonize each other, if anything. Will constantly pokes at Karen's faults, like her never working, and Karen will throw jabs in return regarding Will's character, career, or whatever is handy at the given moment. They eventually warm up to each other to a certain degree over the course of the series but when it comes down to it, they're really united by their mutual friends Jack and Grace; without this, the two wouldn't really have any kind of friendship, let alone relationship.

1 Best: Karen & Jack

You would think this to be an odd friendship that wouldn't have much in common, considering Karen's a wealthy socialite with an alcohol problem and Jack an ostentatious gay man that's never been stable career or relationship-wise. Yet, these two are perhaps the best portrayal of friendship on the show. They get along well, sometimes even ganging up on Will and Grace. They are comfortable and bluntly honest with one another; they engage in pranks. Even when they fight, it's still hilarious because the two have great chemistry and have gotten the physical humor down pat (especially when it comes to slapping).

Will & Grace has made us laugh plenty of times over the years, especially when it comes to each of the antics played out by the four main characters and their friendships with one another. We're sorry to see them go, but we have reruns to fall back on, and who knows? Perhaps another revival will arise in the next 10 years. Never say never.

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