Will & Grace Trailer Goes Behind the Scenes of the Revival

Fans of the late 1990s and early 2000s hit NBC sit-com are in for a real treat with a special sneak peek behind the scenes of the forthcoming revival series of Will & Grace ,by way of the first official trailer. Well known for its culturally progressive status as one of the more successful network programs featuring several gay characters and centering around the trials and travails of Will Truman - a gay lawyer played by Erin McCormack - and his best friend Grace Adler - a straight interior designer played by Debra Messing - Will & Grace has since gone down as one of the most popular basic cable shows of all time.

In light of the Will & Grace revival teaser and supplemented by plenty of coy nods to the celebrated program's return to NBC, fans of the original comedy series co-created by Max Mutchnik and David Kohan have plenty to look forward to. Including returning co-stars Sean Hayes and Megan Mullalley - as Will's college friend Jack McFarland and Grace's would-be assistant Karen Walker, respectively - the twelve-episode revival series is sure to draw attention when it premieres in time for the Fall 2017 season, as evidenced by the first official trailer.

In the footage featured above, potential viewers of the Will & Grace revival get a special sneak peek behind the scenes of the new show that offers plenty of self-referential gags and teases from the program's four most iconic characters. By using plenty of post-modern and meta-fictional acknowledgements of the real life circumstances that stand outside of the show's immediate production - including Debra Messing's playing down of the revival series initially - fans of the show are sure to be pleased.

Megan Mullally Eric McCormack Debra Messing Sean Hayes in Will and Grace

When the original Will & Grace series ended way back in 2006, many fans might have been hoping for a return from their then favorite series in the form of a revival at some undetermined time in the distant future. Ten years later, those presumed wishes have become the stuff of reality, and by the looks of things everything is coming together swimmingly over at NBC.

Only time will tell whether or not general viewers will be especially eager to check in on the gang that comprises the main cast of Will & Grace in the form of its revival series later this fall, but with any luck McCormack, Messing, Hayes, and Mullalley will manage to draw a crowd. In the meantime, here's to hoping for the very best from the upcoming NBC TV show.

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Will & Grace returns for its revival season on NBC during the Fall 2017 season.

Source: NBC

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