Will Ferrell & Ryan Reynolds to Lead Christmas Carol Musical Retelling

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds are getting set to bring Charles Dickens' classic Christmas tale to the big screen with a new musical retelling.

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds to lead A Christmas Carol musical retelling. The two actors have frequently shown a fondness for incorporating large amounts of experimentation into their work, much of which has paid off with ample success.

Having spent the majority of the early years of his career taking comedic roles, Reynolds has since moved into the realm of the action comedy, with turns in hit films such as The Hitman’s Bodyguard, and of course, the wildly successful Deadpool franchise. Ferrell, meanwhile, recently parted ways with long-time producing partner Adam McKay, after the pair’s most recent film together, 2018’s Holmes and Watson turned into a box office disaster. Still, with regard to the sheer number of comedic works that Ferrell has starred in over the years, he’s never been one to turn down a challenge – even starring in the 2012 Spanish language comedy Casa de mi Padre.

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With this kind of history behind each actor, it makes sense that the two would eventually pair together on some sort of humorous endeavor. THR is now reporting that both Reynolds and Ferrell are developing a musical retelling of Charles Dickens’ timeless seasonal classic, A Christmas Carol. The production has yet to find a home with a studio, but Sean Anders, director of both films in the Daddy’s Home franchise, will direct from a script by fellow Daddy’s Home collaborator, John Morris.

Written over 150 years ago, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol introduced the world to the contemptible Ebenezer Scrooge, a selfish old miser whose love for wealth brings about a series of life changing events one Christmas Eve. When Scrooge is visited by three different ghosts - one for the past, present and future of the crotchety money grubbing senior’s life - he is forced to take stock of who he is and what he has become. Aside from becoming one of Dickens’ most widely acclaimed and recognizable titles, A Christmas Carol also introduced the world to the phrase “Bah Humbug”. The novella has since been consistently adapted into everything from big screen features both live action and animated to theatrical productions. Throughout the course of the numerous film adaptations, Scrooge (or some version of him) has been played by such comedic greats as Danny DeVito, Bill Murray and Jim Carey. At present there is no information on who’s playing who in the upcoming Ferrell and Reynolds adaptation.

Musicals aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea, though there have been some notable past success stories, such as the Oscar-winning La La Land and last year’s multi Oscar-nominated A Star is Born. Some might view Ferrell’s comedic future with cynicism after the aforementioned Holmes and Watson, but one of Ferrell’s most successful films, Elf, has already proven that he knows a thing or two about Christmas films. At the same time, Reynolds seems to have enough charm for the holiday season as well, meaning there’s plenty of reason to believe this could turn out to be another successful adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

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Source: THR

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