Will DC Boot Marvel from the Big Screen Throne?

Brett Ratner has been confirmed as director for X-Men 3. I just thought you'd like to know. :-)

The tide may have turned folks... Can it be that DC has sharpened it's skills in the TV animation arena and it's now applying that talent to the big screen? Marvel seems to be overextended... Daredevil (at least the theatrical release) wasn't that great, Elektra was absolutely murdered by the critics and U.S. audiences stayed away in droves. We have Fantastic Four coming out next month and the buzz is most certainly not positive for that one, despite Avi Arad's constant cries of "you'll see, you'll LOVE it."

The early reviews for Batman Begins have been excellent overall, and despite the fact that Brandon Routh looks goofy in the Superman suit, Bryan Singer does know how to make a great superhero flick. Joss Whedon is also working on a Wonder Woman adapation and so far his reputation precedes him (positively).

It'll be interesting to see how things progress between both sides of the superhero battle.

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