Will CBS Give Jericho Fans Closure?

It looks like the huge groundswell of support from fans of CBS' Jericho may have actually done something. :-)

[Update: Yes, it IS official. 7 new episodes (7? wierd number...) coming next mid-season.]

Before you fans of the show get all crazy-happy, please remember that this is NOT official NOR confirmed... Over at one of their columnists is saying that a limited, 8 episode run of Jericho may very well happen next season.

Following a deluge of emails, letters, phone calls and last but not least: almost 20 tons of nuts (it's an inside joke related to the final episode) being sent to CBS corporate, it seems that fans may get at the very least closure for the story. There have been reports of interest from other networks on picking up the series (which I think may have more to do with the possible resurrection of the show than anything else) and now the rumour from various sources is that CBS may crank out a limited number of episodes to close the show.

I don't know if it would have been better if another network picked up the series and ran with it, but if true, this is certainly better than a 2 hour made-for-TV movie to end the story.

If this comes to fruition, score one for the fans. Too bad it didn't work for Star Trek: Enterprise.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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