Will AVP2 Not Suck?

So the buzz is beginning on Alien vs. Predator 2 with a behind the scenes video on YouTube as well as interviews popping up here and there.

Will AVP2 stink? Will it be better than the first debacle where the director took no responsibility for how horrible it was? Well let's see...

On the one hand we have a still cool premise (however poorly executed in the first film) and a couple of guys directing it that seem to be geniune fans of the original source material, and eager to capture the "vibe" of those movies (see the youtube video). So far, that's alll great news.

On the other hand we have two guys with a ton of visual effects experience but NO directorial background directing the movie. We also have a writer who does not have what I would call a distinguished background when it comes to screenplays.

Another thing that bothers me a bit is (if I heard it correctly) in the video the brothers who are directing AVP2 mention wanting to capture the feel of Alien and Aliens. The problem with that statement is that those two movies were completely different in mood, feel and approach.

So.... that adds up to a LOT of enthusiasm, but NOT a lot of experience and maybe a little bit of a mish-mash approach to the movie.

It could go either way IMHO, but if it does end up not being very good, at least I'll know that the folks behind it meant well. :-)

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