Will & Grace Revival May Be Moving Forward at NBC

Following a brief reunion ahead of the presidential debate, word is that NBC is now pursuing a possible Will & Grace revival.

Megan Mullally Eric McCormack Debra Messing Sean Hayes in Will and Grace

Will & Grace, which ran on NBC for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006, was not only one of the funniest sitcoms of its era, but it was truly groundbreaking. It was one of the first popular sitcoms to not only feature gay characters, but also consistent gay themes. The series centered on the relationship between a gay man (Eric McCormack), a straight woman (Debra Messing), with two dynamite supporting characters, Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally).

After being off the air for a decade, the Will & Grace characters reunited earlier this fall for a 10-minute online video touting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The video was released the night of the first presidential debate, and centered on Jack being convinced to support the Democratic candidate because Katy Perry is also a supporter. The short video proved to be a hit and something of a conversation starter around the series. And as so often happens these days when a film or television property garners new discussion, those talks turn to the possibility of a revival.

As reported by Variety, a possible Will & Grace revival is being tossed around at NBC. At present there isn't much in the way of specific details or confirmations from the main cast, but discussions are said to be in the "early stages." Those stages are early enough that it is currently unclear whether the revival would be a single special, a limited series, or an attempt at an ongoing series, á la Netflix's Fuller House.

Since the series reached its conclusion in 2006, the series' stars have been seen in a number of different roles. Messing stuck with NBC to star in two short-lived series, Smash and The Mysteries of Laura (a favorite of Method Man's, by the way), while McCormack took a starring turn in the TNT crime series Perception. Hayes led the NBC sitcom Sean Saves the World before joining Will Arnett in a season of The Millers on CBS. Mullally has perhaps been the busiest W&G alum, appearing in several sitcoms, like Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, 30 Rock and You, Me and the Apocalypse. 

As with most revivals -- potential and otherwise -- there is always the question of how the series will answer for the passage of time. This is especially tricky with Will & Grace, as the series finale utilized a lengthy flash-forward device that could make handling the transition from 2006 to whenever the proposed revival takes place somewhat tricky.

Screen Rant will have more details on the possible Will & Grace revival as they are made available.

Source: Variety

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