16 Wildest Celebrity Meltdowns, Ranked

Celebrities spend the majority of their time in the public eye, and while that’s all good and well when everything is going accordingly to plan, if they slip up in one way or another, it becomes widespread news, with potentially career-ending ramifications attached.

That said, even when their careers aren’t too affected by negative press, it’s hard to shake off a certain image once the public has made up its mind about you. When you’re in the mainstream conscious and familiar to most of the world, there are more eyes on you, ready to judge without knowing the full story. And there are the people who just like seeing the rich and famous getting taken down a peg.

However, while some celebrity meltdowns can be detrimental or tragic, others are entertaining and even endearing at times. At the end of the day, it just depends on the situation. In an ideal world, everyone would be safe, boring, and free of drama, but whenever a celebrity goes off the rails slightly, it certainly piques people’s interests and makes for some good water cooler talk.

So, without further ado, here are the 16 Wildest Celebrity Meltdowns.

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If you’ve seen Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance then you’d swear Nic Cage was having a meltdown on screen due to the sheer manic nature of his performance. Well, that’s because he was deeply rooted in some kind of voodoo performance art during filming. Channeling a performance that wild and kinetic demanded some intense method acting from Cage - a technique known as “Nouveau Shamanic.’’

Essentially, the experiment consisted of Cage donning Afro-Caribbean paint and sewing Egyptian symbols into his costume to trick his mind into believing that he was a “character from another dimension.’’ His agenda was to project an “aura of horror’’ and terrify his fellow actors. This is a real thing that happened,

Given the out of this world nature of that performance, Cage was certainly on another plain during that shoot. Whatever he brought back from the dimension he visited wasn’t natural, but it totally paid off. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance consists of some of the actor's finest crazy moments, after all.


Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation

Terminator: Salvation will never go down in history for the right reasons. The movie itself didn't exactly restore prominence to a once brilliant franchise, but it also made headlines when audio went viral of its star, Christian Bale, blowing a fuse on set.

In an expletive-laden rant, Bale tore one of the crew members a new one after for accidentally interrupting his scene. The tirade in question boasts nearly 40 uses of the F0word, but the sheer scathing venom of his delivery is what makes it sting. Maybe if he put that much passion into his performance, more people would have enjoyed the film...

Bale has since apologized for his overreaction, but he wasn't shy about letting the treacherous crew know that he was disappointed in them for breaking the "magic circle.'' That's a circle you can't return to once you're out.


Britney Spears shaved head

When the world was introduced to Britney Spears,  we fell instantly fell in love with her instantly. She was an instant pop sensation and America's number one sweetheart, giving us iconic hits like "...Baby One More Time'' and (You Drive Me) Crazy.'' She even starred in the underrated movie Crossroads, and for awhile it seemed like she was born to make us happy. But a few years later things took a toxic turn and Britney was all over the news for the wrong reasons.

In February, 2007, amid some well-publicized erratic behavior and an ugly custody battle with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, Spears appeared all over the front pages sporting a bald head. Being in the public eye meant that her breakdown was globally documented, and her once wholesome reputation was forever sullied as a result. Naturally, South Park took it too far as well.

Since then, Britney has come a long way and should be commended for overcoming her demons. These days, she's best known for her good parenting and musical legacy, and that's what's most important.


Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna when they were still a couple is no laughing matter. In fact, he's lucky that she found it in her heart to forgive him and the fact he's still a big deal in the music world shows that plenty of people have are willing to do the same. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't be held accountable for his actions, so when the topic was raised on Good Morning America in 2011 and Breezy had a meltdown, it was funny to see.

After being confronted by host Robin Roberts over the domestic abuse incident, the "Run It'' hit-maker proceeded to run out of the studio and take to the streets topless. Oh, and he also managed to find time to break his dressing room window before his departure.

There is reason to believe that Roberts touched a nerve. Or maybe he just had to get out of the studio because it was stuffy - how was he supposed to breathe with no air?


At one time, Jean Claude Van Damme was arguably the biggest action star on the planet. He rose to prominence during the '80s with hits like Kickboxer and Bloodsport, only for his career hit a downward spiral in the '90s - a period where the star was reportedly sniffing 10 grams a day and crashing vehicles into nightclubs.

However, of all the erratic behavior the Muscles from Brussels has displayed throughout his career, his feud with Steven Seagal is up there as one of his wildest moments, especially during a confrontation they had at Sylvester Stallone's house years ago.

Asked about the incident in an interview with Ain't It Cool News, Sly revealed all: "Van Damme was tired of Seagal saying he could kick his ass and went right up to him and offered him the chance to step outside so he could wipe the floor with him, or should I say wipe the backyard with him. Seagal made some excuse and left. His destination was some Ocean Drive nightclub in Miami. Van Damme, who was completely berserk, tracked him down and again offered him a fight, and again Seagal pulled a Houdini.''

Remember, kids: Don't snort coke.


Mel Gibson in South Park

Mel Gibson is an extraordinary actor and director. While his roles have often seen him tap into a darkness that evidently dwells within him, when he turns on the charm he's one of the most likable and charismatic screen presences out there. Just watch Braveheart, Lethal Weaponand What Women Want - and try not to like the guy. Unfortunately, Gibson's personal demons and nasty outbursts have overshadowed his artistic accomplishments.

According to his police report following an arrest in 2006, the star said that "“[t]he Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” However, he would top it in 2010 when a phone call surfaced of him making defamatory marks about Mexicans and telling his ex-girlfriend that he hoped she got raped by... well we can't repeat it, but you can read all about it here.

These days, it seems Gibson's career is back on track following an Academy Award nomination for the war movie Hacksaw Ridge, but no matter how much progress he's made since, his past seems inescapable.


Amanda Bynes was the face and voice of some of some of the most popular Nickelodeon shows that enlightened our childhood’s during the ‘90s kids. The star of All That, The Amanda Show, and Rugrats was a sensation in her youth, but things changed when she found herself all grown up.

In 2013, the actress made headlines for arson and public indecency after she allegedly set fire to her neighbor's property and stripped to her underwear. When concerned passersby tried to get involved, the hysterical former child star threatened to call 911. Because, apparently, they were the ones acting out of order...

Afterwards, the pantsless actress headed for the nearest liquor store so she could wash her dog in a sink. She was sectioned following the incident, but at least the dog was safe.


Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls WATN

Lindsay Lohan and meltdowns are as common as spaghetti and meatballs. We’d be here all day if we tried to summarize even a handful. Whether it’s drunken or drug-induced public humiliation, publishing lists of her former lovers, or alleged racist outbursts, she’s garnered more attention for her personal life than her professional one.

If it wasn’t for The Parent TrapMean Girls, and Herbie still being fond memories for most of us, it’d be easy to forget that Lohan is a working actress. She’s probably spent more time than rehab than she has in front of a camera and when is working, she’s apparently difficult to get along with. In a leaked audio recording when filming 2013s indie drama The Canyons, she can be heard blasting her co-star James Deen and director Paul Schrader.

Earlier this year, she made headlines again for spitting in someone’s face following a racist tirade. Hopefully she settles down eventually because, at one point, she was an actress with a more promising future than most.


Love is supposed to be positive and heartwarming. Tom Cruise in love, however, is just downright bizarre and creepy.

In an interview with Oprah back in 2005, the star of Scientology manically declared his love for then-wife Katie Holmes then decided to celebrate it by jumping up and down on a couch. Not only did the host, the audience, and viewers all around the world need to witness his cringe-worthy display, but he put his feet on expensive furniture as well. That’s just flat-out rude.

This marked the early stages of the public’s change in perception towards Cruise. He went from charming heartthrob to that guy who’s part of a cult, suffocates his wife with love, and has no regard for furniture. He’s still a great actor, though!


I'm Still Here is an excellent mockumentary from 2010 following actor Joaquin Phoenix as he quits acting to pursue a rap career. While it's completely fictitious, Phoenix's willingness to poke fun at himself as a delusional star hitting rock bottom is nothing short of satirical genius, and his conviction to the role is almost believable.

The hoax was carried out impeccably, and in the film we witness Phoenix snorting nose candy, being defecated on, and engaging in seedy sexual acts. There's also quite a lot of full-frontal nudity, if that's your sort of thing.

Upon the film's release, critics were unsure as to whether it was a documentary or some form of strange performance art. Either way, it's one of the finest meltdowns captured on film. Even if it was staged, it was still a very creative meltdown.


Blade - Wesley Snipes - WWE Studios

At this point, Wesley Snipes' behavior on Blade: Trinity is the stuff of legend, but it never ceases to be hilarious.

According to Patton Oswalt, who had a minor role in the film, Snipes would sit in his trailer all day smoking weed by himself. He also introduced himself as his character and only communicated with director David S. Goyer through post-it notes, which he signed as "Blade".

Oswalt also revealed Snipes’ outburst when he mistook a t-shirt worn by an African-American actor as an act of white prejudice instigated by the director. Oswalt remembers how he turned to Goyer and said: “There’s only one other black guy in the movie, and you make him wear a shirt that says ‘Garbage?’ You racist motherf---er!” The actor actually showed up to set wearing it by choice.

Of course, this was after he tried to choke the director out at one point. Recalling the events, Goyer told Uproxx that it was “the most personally and professionally difficult and painful thing I've ever been through.”

We’re still waiting on the long-rumored Blade 4, but we doubt it’ll involve Snipes and Goyer together again.


Corey Feldman sings

As an actor, Corey Feldman (of The Lost Boys fame) hasn't exactly been in a lot of hit movies or TV shows in recent years, but his decision to embark on a career as an electronic music artist is quite upsetting to see. While you can't fault the guy for trying to resurrect his career, the videos of the actor performing with his new band went viral for the wrong reasons, marking yet another chapter in a sad book that's full of stories about loss and addiction.

Despite his performance on The Today Show being mercilessly mocked, Feldman was just happy to receive some attention. As he told THR, "I don't think I could have ever dreamt in my wildest dreams that we would have that kind of a reception. At the end of the day, that's what we're trying to push, is the message.''

Feldman also backed up Elijah Wood's claims of a Hollywood pedophile ring last year. Whether the accusations are true or not, it's pretty clear that the '80s child star is harboring some demons. Hopefully, he can make a success of his music career, but his fame seems to have expired already.


Director Lars Von Trier

Director Lars Von Trier thrives on creating controversy and, like his work, tends to elicit a love or hate reaction, rarely with any middle ground. However, Von Trier’s history of depression is well-documented and while his issues have caused him much distress, his rogue attitude has been a source of entertainment and shock.

Perhaps his crowning achievement for trolling came in 2011 while promoting his movie Melancholia at the Cannes Film Festival. For some reason, he decided to announce his affinity for Hitler, stating that “I thought I was a Jew for a long time and was very happy being a Jew ... Then it turned out that I was not a Jew ... I found out that I was really a Nazi which also gave me some pleasure.’’ The film’s star Kirsten Dunst tried to stop him from saying more, but by the time her protests were heard the damage was done.

Not everyone saw the funny side of the joke, though, as the director was banned from the festival for six years afterward.


Uwe Boll

Contrary to belief, Uwe Boll has made some pretty good movies. He might always be remembered for boxing (and beating) his critics, but when he's making self-indulgent violent passion projects he believes have the power to change the world, his movies are pretty awesome. A prime example of Boll at his best is the Rampage series, which brings us to the focus of our next meltdown.

After launching an unsuccessful crowd funding campaign to make Rampage 3: President Down, Boll took to the internet to voice his hatred for humanity in what could also be interpreted as a sneaky publicity stunt. After berating Kickstarter, he made sure to clarify how he had enough money to play golf until he's dead before ending with a critique of the never-ending trend of funding movies about "some ret--ded wizard in the forest.'' How eloquently put.

Despite the failure of the Kickstarter experiment, Boll somehow managed to raise enough funds to make the sequel, which was released without a peep last year. It's worth checking out if you want some politically charged action, though it doesn't quite live up to the mighty standards of the first two installments.


You could write a book on Charlie Sheen’s drug-fueled sex Odysseys and eccentric behavior. One of the most shocking stories is from his wild escapades is the night he spent £1000 on cocaine, picked up a prostitute, and tried to buy a gun while filming a movie in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s just one of many stories of this nature involving the star, but few compare to his antics in 2011 after he was fired from Two and a Half Men and lost his mind completely.

Clearly suffering from bipolar disorder, Sheen told ABC News to be “bi-winning’’ and high on the drug that is himself. "I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."


Rapper Kanye West so regularly creates historic moments of unmatched lunacy and megalomania that it's sometimes difficult to determine whether he's an actual person or a walking parody. The weirdest part is that when he first started out, he was grounded and rapped about everyday issues most regular folks could relate to. But the bigger he became, the more his head inflated like a balloon and floated away to the clouds.

Earlier this year, he interrupted his own concert to proclaim his admiration of Sharknado 3's presidential candidate Donald Trump and tell his fans - who spent a lot of money to see him live and forget about politics - that his once best friend Jay-Z was sending hit men to kill him.

If you've followed Kanye's career then you'll know that he's prone to... eccentricities. He hasn't met an award show stage he hasn't hijacked and his interviews have seen him modestly compare himself to Picasso, Willy Wonka, Steve Jobs, and Michaelangelo.

He's also stated his intention to run for office in 2020. Will Yeezy become the next leader of the free world? Probably not.


Have we missed any wild celebrity meltodowns? Let us know in the comments.

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