The 10 Craziest Things To Happen On The Magicians

The Magicians is easily one of the most slept on shows on TV. Of course, this is more than understandable considering there are hundreds of shows airing at the moment, and hundreds more that have already wrapped up but are still binge-worthy in their own right. However, there's just something about The Magicians that no other series can offer viewers right now. It's been called a more mature version of Harry Potter, with more than a few creative twists that move beyond reality.

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Truth is, there's something for everyone in this show. And although it tends to be disregarded by many, The Magicians managed to capture a solid and faithful fanbase that carried it through four seasons, with the fifth set to arrive next year. And like any great show worthy of the designation, it counts on its fair share of crazy, unexpected, heartbreaking moments. Each season offered us something new in this regard, so it's about time we rank the 10 craziest things to happen on The Magicians!

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10 Alice's Less Than Usual Drink

The show didn't really make a point to wait for further seasons in order to show just how far it was willing to go when it came to pushing boundaries and sending audiences' chins on a straight dive into the floor. On the season one episode"Have You Brought Me Little Cakes", there was a handful of moments worthy of at least an honorable mention.

However, none of them even come close to the ritual Alice has to endure in order to receive power from God so she can take part in defeating the Beast. She pretty much has to chug a cup full of semen from a magical creature in order to make this happen - gross, probably unnecessary, and outright crazy.

9 Penny's Projection

The fourth episode of season four was absolutely fantastic. While the previous episode ended with the death of beloved character Penny, a moment which in itself almost landed its own spot on the list, "Be The Penny" brought an absolutely phenomenal twist to the show, and to the world of television in general.

We get an entire story told from the perspective of Penny himself, who, being a Traveler, astrally projected himself to a plane of existence where none of his loved ones can see, hear or feel him. We are taken on a journey of mourning from both parties, filled with desperation, while Penny tries everything to communicate with those who are mourning. Yet another fantastic moment that sets The Magicians apart from any other series.

8 Harriet's Silent Story

On yet another brilliant twist on the way people tell stories on mainstream media, The Magicians surprised fans on the season three episode "Six Short Stories About Magic”. Giving secondary characters the main stage, the episode focused on a story told from the perspective of six different people.

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Now, the show has already made some applause-worthy casting both in terms of race, gender, and sexuality. The most beautiful thing done in this episode was giving the audience a chance to feel things from the point of view of Harriet, a deaf character. The entirety of her episode chunk is silent, using only sign language. This immersed the fans in a completely different reality that appealed to other senses and invited them to perceive the world in a completely different way. A daring choice, and art at its absolute finest.

7 Margo Becomes Queen

Season three was a tragic rollercoaster for Eliot, Margo, and Fen, with several key events that managed to scar the Fillorian royalty. It's almost at the end of the season that Eliot brings democracy to Fillory, and the role of  High King is bound to be decided through an election. However, only Eliot and Tick's names are put forward as options, leading to an unexpected twist.

Eliot neglected to remember that Fillory's population is made up of over a million animals, and not simply humans. Margo was the only one who seemed to care about the majority of the population, who listened to them and looked to make their existence better. This, of course, resulted in Margo being chosen as High Queen.

6 Penny's Chopped Hands

In yet another shocking twist on the very first season of the show, Penny gets a less than desirable condition that culminates in something out of Jigsaw's mind. It's important to mention that this is also the episode where Eliot somehow finds himself involved in a cross-dimensional threesome, so you get the hang of just how out of the box this show tends to get.

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After being told by the Centaur healers at The Retreat, in Fillory, that they can't heal him and that he should cut off his hands, Penny refuses. It's not exactly an easy decision to make, but when he wakes up being choked by his own pair of hands, he asks Quentin to do it. he eventually got them back, but still - yikes.

5 The Group Singalong

Being the creative powerhouse of a show that it is, The Magicians tried its hand at a musical episode once before this wonderful moment, on a spot-on homage to the classic Les Miserables. However, few things were quite as impactful as the scene in seasons three's "All That Josh".

Once Quentin finds out that key number five relies on unity, he knows that, in order to proceed with the quest, Josh must be convinced to return to the real world. The only way to accomplish this is to sing, and all of our favorite characters get together for a memorable, tearjerking rendition of Queen's "Under Pressure". The impact of this moment was undeniable, and definitely deserves a spot on this list.

4 Quentin Overcoming Depression

Many things are handled beautifully on The Magicians. There's a fair amount of shows out there that are based in the real world, rather than this fantasy one, but even though they have that advantage, the characters' emotional development and realness is often lacking.

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With all its otherworldly charisma, The Magicians still manages to keep the rawness of human emotion present and doesn't shy away from showing how hard things can get. The depiction of Quentin's depression reaches its maximum in “Do You Like Teeth?”, a quest that ends up creating an evil and twisted alternate version of himself. It digs deep and hits extremely close to home, and it was beautiful and rewarding seeing him overcome it.

3 Julia Walking Away From Her Goddess Status

Julia's journey on the show has arguably been one of the most heart-wrenching to witness. This girl has been through so much, fans had been praying to see her finally find some happiness and closure once and for all. It was already a little something to see her get a spark of magic back at the end of season two, but season three gave us an even more satisfying moment.

Her magic abilities keep growing throughout season three and in the last episode, she is informed that she has achieved the status of goddess, Our Lady of The Three. She does, however, walk away from her fate in order to save the quest. It was a powerful moment and an even more powerful testament to Julia's character.

2 Quentin & Eliot's "Life" Together

Holy Moly, we've had some beautiful and mesmerizing moments in the history of TV, and this one has to make at least top 50 - at least! When Quentin and Eliot set out on a quest through time to find the third key, we end up being blessed with a tearjerking montage depicting their lives together for 60 years, after they kiss for the second time on the show.

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Through this life that their share together, Quentin gets married, has a child, his wife dies, and he ends up raising him alongside Elliot. Eventually, Eliot dies of old age, an event that prompts Quentin to find the key - however, as important as that moment is, what fans take from the episode is the feeling of hope and fluttering happiness that this flash of a happy existence gave us. Truly unforgettable!

1 Quentin's Death

Season four wrapped up in the most heartbreaking way possible. It's not unheard of for shows to kill off their main characters, and in a world where Game of Thrones exists, we should pretty much be, not used to it, but at least mildly prepared. And being the boundary-pushing show that it is, The Magicians were bound to do something of the sort eventually.

However, and even though all of this is the truth, it doesn't make the ending of the fourth season any more bearable. Seeing the main character perish, without hope of returning - something that has already been made clear by the showrunners - is still a shock, that had fans completely devastated. Quentin is gone - and he is gone for good. Now the only thing we can do is mourn, and impatiently await the premiere of season five.

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