Widows' Ending Explained

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How Jack Mulligan Got Elected At The End of Widows

Though Jamal Manning delivers a powerful speech during his debate with Jack Mulligan, it's ultimately Jack who is successfully elected Alderman of the 18th Ward. This is a mixed victory, however, as towards the end of the movie it becomes clear that Jack doesn't actually want the position, and was simply pushed towards it by his father. Somewhat fittingly, it's Tom Mulligan who seals the deal for his son, since his death during the robbery fuels public sympathy for Jack and earns him the extra votes that he needs to win the election.

What Happens To The Women After Widows' Heist

Assuming that Veronica still decides to pay back Jamal Manning the $2 million that Harry stole, each of the widows walks away from the heist with a respectable $750,000 apiece. Linda uses the money to reopen her business and take care of her family. Cynthia leaves a chunk of cash for her boss at the salon, to help get her out from under Jack Mulligan's thumb, and then hits the road with her daughter. Alice is liberated from her job as an escort and is free to build a life for herself. Veronica no longer has to worry about losing her home (or having her dog murdered), and faces a future where she can build something for herself. It's unknown what happens to Amanda and her baby after Harry is killed.

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What The Final Scene Of Widows Means For Veronica

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During the lead-up to the heist, Veronica very bluntly makes clear to the other woman that doing one job together does not mean that they're going to be friends - going so far as to say that once they have the money, they will never see each other again. This doesn't last long, as Veronica and Alice end up at the same diner in the aftermath of the robbery, and make eye contact across the room. At first it seems as though Veronica is going to stay true to her word and pretend that she didn't even see Alice, but then she changes her mind, follows Alice outside and calls her back - asking how she's been.

This is significant for a couple of reasons. The first is that the "rules" of the heist that Veronica was following throughout the movie were her husband's rules, and Veronica has since learned that Harry wasn't the man she thought he was. Reaching out to Alice after the heist is an active dismissal of the rules that their husbands followed, and an indication that Veronica has moved on and is ready to make her own set of rules. That doesn't necessarily mean that Veronica and Alice will go on to commit more crimes together (they're pretty well off, for the time being), but it is a satisfying conclusion to their journey of empowerment.

On a simpler level, it's also a symbol of Veronica finally reaching out to make a friend. She's a woman who has lost everything: first her son, then her husband, and then her husband all over again. The heist has gotten Jamal Manning off her back and she's got enough money to be comfortable and make a life for herself - but she still has to build new connections. Reaching out to Alice, of everyone in the crew, is also a particularly poignant choice, since Alice is the least tough and hard-edged member of the crew... yet in her, Veronica still recognizes a kindred spirit.

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