10 Reasons Star Trek: Discovery Is The Best Star Trek Spinoff

Premiering in 2017, Star Trek: Discoveryhas brought Trek back to television after a long hiatus. After such a long wait, fans were eager to see the next spinoff of the franchise. There was sure to be fans on both sides declaring why it was the worst Trek yet, or something new and exciting. Overall, the show has been extremely well received by both critics and fans, and it deserves the praise.

Discovery brings the franchise back to the small screen in an impressive way, and is constantly improving as well. As a prequel to the original series, Discovery offers a look at the beginning of Star Trek while also paving the way for the future of the beloved series. With such a spectacular start, Discovery is on its way to being one of the best installments of the show we've ever had. Discovery has given a huge boost to CBS, and with the success they recently ordered a third season of the show. Showing no signs of stopping, we're excited to see what else the showrunners have to offer. With a bright future ahead, Star Trek: Discovery has already cemented itself as one of the best spin-offs we've ever had.

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10 The Budget

Star Trek - The Discovery and the Enterprise

One of the major benefits of Star Trek's return to television has been the budget that has been given to the show. The production quality is through the roof and you can definitely tell the difference in every episode. While Star Trek has never been a show that is supposed to focus on how good everything looks, it certainly doesn't hurt. Discovery puts the budget to good use and delivers a series that feels almost like a movie.

9 Incredible Acting

Again, while it's certainly not the main focus of a show like Star Trek, it definitely doesn't hurt to have some incredible performances. The acting in the show has been spot on, and really helped to deliver some of the more crucial moments.

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With Star Trek being a show about the human experience and optimism, it has a danger of coming across as unbearable cheesy, but with rock solid performances, Discovery is able to present the message well.

8 It Brings Something New

Emperor Georgiou and Section 31 in Star Trek Discovery

One of Star Trek's biggest challenges was adapting to modern television. Since the prime Trek days, television has changed dramatically, becoming much more focused on longer plots and character development. Discovery does a fantastic job of becoming a modern take on the classic show. While keeping the charm of the original, it bring Star Trek into the modern age and allows the show to keep up with other shows.

7 Callbacks To Older Shows

Captain Pike in Star Trek Discovery and The Original Series

While Discovery definitely brings something new to the table, it doesn't forget where it came from either. With tons of callbacks to previous shows and easter eggs for fans to search for, Discovery doesn't abandon the long history of the franchise.

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A major example of this is the inclusion of Captain Pike, which fans were happy to see the return of. Discovery finds the perfect balance of standing on its own while also paying homage.

6 It Maintains The Focus On Ideals

Star Trek Discovery

Ultimately, Star Trek has always been a show about staying true to certain ideals even in the face of adversity. The show at its best shows how difficult it can be to follow a certain path when there are difficult choices that you have to make. Discovery stays true to this and puts the characters in situations where their ideals and values are tested.

5 The Cast

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Premiere Questions

One of the biggest strengths of Star Trek all the way back to the Original Series was leading the way for bringing a diverse and interesting cast on to the screen.

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Discovery is no exception to this, and the cast of the show is not only extremely likable, but present a wide range of characters from all different backgrounds. Though it is a show with aliens, Discovery stays true to Trek and represents all of humanity.

4 It's Fun

While Star Trek has always been a show that focuses on ideas and philosophical questions, there is no denying that it is nice to see Discovery actually bring some more fun to the franchise. The recent movies did a great job of showing how Trek could be a good time, and Discovery follows up on that success. It's often overlooked in modern media, but sometimes there is nothing wrong with a show being fun and a wild ride.

3 The Optimism

Though Discovery certainly has its more serious moments, the show maintains what has always been at the core of Star Trek, optimism for the future.

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A major part of the success of the franchise has been the hope that the future will be a better place, one focused on exploring and bringing peace throughout the universe. Discovery doesn't lose this core value of Trek, and it shines throughout the show.

2 Takes Risks

Star Trek Discovery Red Angel Timeline

With it being so long since Star Trek has been on television, it would be understandable if the show tried to play it safe. Even with a massive fanbase that was sure to critique every choice, Discovery hasn't been afraid to take risks with the show. The risks haven't always paid off, but for the most part, they have been well appreciated. It shows the confidence that the showrunners had when bringing the franchise back to the small screen, and the show really benefits from the risks that are taken.

1 Twists And Turns

Star Trek Discovery World War 3 Red Angel

Without getting too much into potential spoiler territory, Discovery does an amazing job of keeping the audience on their toes with twists and turns throughout the show. Always left guessing at what might happens next brings higher stakes to the traditional format of the show, and some of the twists have been genius.

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