Why Screen Rant Doesn't Jump On Every Story

Rumors about upcoming movies are usually lots of fun to talk about - people enjoy speculating about what may or may not happen in, or who may be cast in, the next superhero/sci-fi/action/etc. movie.

The problem is that sometimes rumors come out pretty fast and loose... and in the battle for scoops among movie news sites stuff sometimes gets posted without any fact-checking.

Yes, of course I realize that's part of the nature of rumors, but sometimes these things surface and the content of the rumor contains info that enrages the fans of the movie (or of the source material) in question. Often these rumors are so outrageous that it seems like they surface as a joke and/or experiment to see how much traction they get on movie news sites.

There has been "news" that's come out that has seemed so whacked that I haven't bothered writing about it, and invariably within about 24 hours an update comes out completely refuting said rumor as total B.S.

Now of course you'll see movie rumor stuff posted here, but I try to limit it to stuff that seems to either:

1. Have some sort of corroboration from either multiple sources or a very trusted source.

2. If not item #1, then at least it seems to make sense given other news surrounding the film.

3. It's so ridiculous that it crosses the line into "funny" and is worth sharing just for a laugh.

Lately the rumor mill has been going whole hog over the Justice League movie, with the latest hard to believe items including reports that they want the Wonder Twins to appear in the movie or that Mel Gibson and Leo DiCaprio might be in the movie. The former sounds too stupid even for Hollywood execs to be contemplating (of course, never underestimate that factor) and the latter was debunked by the guy who made it up.

Prior to all the JLA speculation it was Cloverfield/1-18-08 with Ethan Haas speculation, fan-made websites that people thought were from the studio and a lot of other nonsense.

So now you know why Screen Rant doesn't cover every whiff of news out there. :-)

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