Why Ridley Scott Hasn't Directed a Comic Book Movie

Ridley Scott Not Directing Comic Book Movie

In recent years, the popularity of superhero and comic book films has exploded. With 40 Marvel and DC movies planned to be released over the next six years and the growing TV side of comic book adaptations, it’s safe to say that popularity isn’t dying out anytime soon. Additionally, the shared universe model made popular by Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe is even being employed by studios with non-superhero franchises.

However, while many moviegoers and people within the movie industry have gotten on board with comic book films - especially since they can offer more than big action set-pieces - others have not. Director Ridley Scott hasn’t directed a comic book adaptation, but not for lack of opportunity.

In a recent interview with IGN promoting his new film Exodus: Gods and Kings, Scott was asked why he hasn’t tackled a superhero or comic book movie. He said that, although he has had the opportunity to do so, he’s avoided those kinds of movies because “they’re the hardest single thing to write.” Scott went on to say that translating comic stories to film is a difficult task.

Read Scott’s full quote:

"I've had a lot of opportunities and I tend not to do that. They're the hardest single thing to write. Taking a comic strip character is very hard to write. Because comics are meant to work in one page, to work in frames with minimalistic dialogue. And a lot of it is left to the imagination of the reader. To do that in film you've got to be a little more explanatory. And that requires a good screenplay and good dialogue."

Scott added that, “Blade Runner was a comic strip. It was a comic strip! It was a very dark comic strip. Comic metaphorically." Presumably, Scott is referring to the similarities between Blade Runner and a comic book movie, rather than the source material since the 1982 sci-fi film was based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

ridley scott prometheus interview

Scott made a name for himself with sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Alien. However, the reception of his most recent films like Prometheus - a prequel to Alien - and Robin Hood, as well as the early reactions to Exodus: Gods and Kings, haven’t been as positive. Whether a comic book film directed by Scott would resemble his early work or his later work is difficult to guess.

With that said, Scott already has plenty of projects in the works that will keep fans of the director happy for some time. After Exodus: Gods and Kings, Scott is directing The Martian, an adaptation of the popular Andy Weir sci-fi novel. Additionally, Scott is still deciding whether or not he will helm the sequel to Blade Runner, and is working on Prometheus 2. Perhaps somewhere down the line Scott will consider doing a superhero movie, if the right concept comes along.

What do you say, Screen Ranters? Would you like to see a comic book movie directed by Ridley Scott? Let us know in the comments!

Exodus: Gods and Kings opens in theaters December 12th, 2014.

Source: IGN

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