Why my conscience doesn't bother me

I had a conversation with a friend of mine today who just validated why my conscience does not bother me in regards to pointing out the stupidities of what goes on in the movie business. She is working on an independent film and is extremely capable. One of those folks that will get the job done no matter what you throw at her.

She's on a movie shoot which is still in it's embryonic stages, and related to me the massive amounts of ego, incredible rudeness, and total disregard for anyone who is below (in the pecking order) the people in question on the set of this film. People barking orders in a disdainful manner, as if they're talking to idiots who most likely won't get the job done, instead treating everyone like a colleague.

Bad, angry attitudes everywhere, yelling, screaming, and just all around vile behavior that you wouldn't tolerate at your dinner table from your four year old, coming from the various department heads.

And I thought only the executives were boneheads.

It now makes much more sense to me how a train wreck of a film makes it to the local movie theater. The people in charge are so full of themselves that they can't imagine anything they'd produce could possibly suck.

Vanity and pride personified.

How very sad.

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