• Will Why Did I Get Married 3? ever happen? 1 / 8

    why did i get married poster TLDR vertical
  • Tyler Perry is the successful actor/writer/director behind the Madea movies. 2 / 8

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  • Outside of his own projects he's appeared in Gone Girl and Star Trek. 3 / 8

  • He also developed TV shows like House Of Payne and Too Close To Home. 4 / 8

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  • Both of his Why Did I Get Married? movies were successful but there's no sign of a third movie happening. 5 / 8

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  • Star Tasha Smith stated Perry mentioned another movie in 2010. 6 / 8

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  • Smith and co-star Michael Jai White reprised their roles for spinoff For Better Or Worse, which may have replaced a theatrical sequel. 7 / 8

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