Riverdale: Jason Blossom Murderer Motivations Revealed

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[WARNING - This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Riverdale season 1.]


The CW's Riverdale has been a different spin on Archie Comics and its characters. Taking on the perceived wholesomeness of the small, Midwestern town and the families who inhabit it, Riverdale's first season has been spent peeling back that facade, revealing the ugliness underneath.

It all began with the death of Jason Blossom, an event which quickly turned into a murder investigation when his body washed up on the river's edge with a bullet hole in his head. Originally presumed to have drowned while boating with his sister, Cheryl, it immediately became clear that there was something far more sinister at work. As the season progressed, the mystery deepened, with new details emerging - like the revelation that Jason intended to leave town with his pregnant girlfriend, Polly Cooper, and that he was running drugs for the Southside Serpents to raise money for their journey.

Since then, suspects ranged from Hiram Lodge, thinking he may have orchestrated the whole ordeal from prison as payback for the Blossoms' part in his arrest, to Hal Cooper, with his motivation for murdering Jason being linked to his anger over Polly's pregnancy. Jughead's father, F.P. Jones, then became the prime suspect when the murder weapon was uncovered at his home, with him even going so far as to confess to Jason's murder. That confession, however, was proven to be categorically untrue when Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin uncovered the biggest piece of evidence yet - actual video of Jason's final moments.

The video, found on a thumb drive inside the lining of Jason's letter jacket, left little question over the true identity of Jason's murderer, revealing it be none other than his father, Clifford Blossom. The discovery that Clifford murdered his own son and heir sent shock waves through Riverdale, but before the authorities could arrive at Thornhill to arrest him, Clifford took his own life. The Blossom patriarch was found hanging by the neck in the family's barn, below him were barrels of maple syrup, knocked over to reveal a stash of illegal drugs.

How Did Jason Blossom Die?

This may be the simplest question to answer seeing as the video evidence is pretty explicit - Jason's father shot him in the head. But just how Jason came to be in that basement is a little more complicated. Needing money to skip town with Polly, Jason approached F.P. and the two made a deal: in exchange for providing Jason with a ride and some cash, F.P. asked that he make a drug delivery on behalf of the Serpents. Jason agreed and then hatched the plot with his sister to stage his fake death, after which he and Polly would meet across the river at the stashed away station wagon and drive away. All was going according to plan until F.P, having learned that Jason was Clifford Blossom's son, decided to kidnap him and hold him for ransom.

F.P. and another Serpernt, Mustang bring Jason to the basement of the White Wyrm where they tie him up (and in Mustang's case, rough him up). F.P. then informs Clifford they're holding his son, explaining that in exchange for a large sum of money he would be released. And here are where things take that unexpected turn, because instead of paying off the Serpents in exchange for the release of his son, he shoots him at point blank range. The grisly scene is then left for F.P. and Mustang to clean up, wrapping Jason's body in plastic and sticking it in a freezer before eventually dumping the body in the Sweetwater River.

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