Who's Playing Bilbo Baggins? Ian McKellen Knows

On Saturday, London’s BFI IMAX cinema ran a Lord of the Rings marathon presented by Sir Ian McKellen, where they played the extended editions of the entire trilogy.

Gandalf (also known as Magneto for us X-fans) spoke briefly to introduce the films and revealed that he knows something everyone else is dying to know: who’s playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit?

According to /Film’s report, McKellen confirmed that he’s back to play Gandalf (an absolute must) and that Bilbo has finally been cast for The Hobbit films. He knows who was chosen and signed for the role and says that fans will be very happy with the selection.

Who is it?!

We don’t know yet, but we will very soon no doubt. At the District 9 presentation during San Diego Comic-Con, Peter Jackson started the presentation by clearing up the rampant Hobbit casting rumors at the time and spoke about the timing of the script completion and the budget talks that would precede any offers to actors. Obviously, that's all said and done now so we can expect some official announcements soon.

Upon hearing this from McKellen, James McAvoy’s name was mentioned frequently in the audience’s rumblings at BFI IMAX cinema. However, McAvoy may not be such a clear choice due to his schedule, having signed on for Wanted 2, and more recently, I’m With Cancer, among other projects he’s in talks for.

According to Daniel Radcliffe, another highly rumored candidate, it’s not him either. So, who do you think snagged the role?

Are you excited as me for The Hobbit?

Part 1 of Peter Jackson’s and Guillermo del Toro’s The Hobbit is set to begin filming next March according to McKellen, and he’ll be getting a script for it in the next week or two.

Check back soon for more updates from Screen Rant on The Hobbit!

Source: /Film

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