Who Will Be The Prince of Persia?

Jerry Bruckheimer is a fantastic producer. He makes slick entertainment that may not be mentally challenging, but it is enjoyable. His resume looks like a collection of $100 million dollar hits, and with the CSI franchise under his belt on television it can be truly said that the man is an entertainment phenomenon.

One of the next projects on the Bruckheimer conveyer-belt is the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (based on the videogame). With any big movie comes the question- who will star. Apparently the smart money is on everyone's favorite elf and pirate fighter- Orlando Bloom. However, it may also be Zac Efron.

I'm guessing that the character description for the lead reads: wooden actor.

Now, I love Bruckheimer movies, and I'm also a CSI addict- Vegas nothing else... man that Grisson dude is cool. I also dig the Pirates of the Caribbean movies but the weak link in the franchise is Orlando Bloom. As much as he tries, the man cannot act. He makes Keanu Reeves look good. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but he is not leading man material- no matter how many $300 million blockbusters he stars in. Sadly, money talks in Hollywood so I doubt may humble opinion will be accepted by executives.

Now Zac Efron on the other hand makes Bloom look like Brando. High School Musical? Please!

Jerry, Mr Bruckheimer- I was there for Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun and even Bad Company- please don't cast Efron or Bloom. I know that you want a franchise, I know that you wan't kids to see the movie, but don't let the film suffer because of an age demographic.

You worked well with Tom Cruise- give him a call- he looks 30- it's about time you renewed your working relationship.

I think Cruise- who do you think?

The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is set to be directed by Mike Newell and will lens shortly in Pinewood Studios (here in the UK) and in Morocco for a June 19, 2009 release.

Source: Comingsoon

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