Who Should Play Lobo?

MTV Splash Page has started up a weekly column where they fantasy-cast their favorite upcoming superhero movies. And since we here at Screen Rant have been on the "What If?" track for the last few MONTHS with posts like "What If Disney/Marvel Buys Superman?" or "What Will Batman 3 Be About?", we naturally have a reaction.

Last week we responded to the question of who should play Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern movie; MTV had a strong list of (albeit somewhat improbable) candidates, but still missed the obvious casting call of Hugo Weaving, which our Screen Rant readers jumped on in seconds (they're good like that ;-) ).

With the recent announcement that Guy Ritchie will direct DC/WB's Lobo movie, Splash Page is wondering who should get the role and after reviewing their picks...let's just say a few names need to be added to the pool.

Ok, so here is who MTV picked to play Lobo:

Vinnie Jones

Christopher Meloni

Mickey Rourke

Kurt Russell

Jason Statham

Head on over to Splash Page to see pics of the actors and arguments for why they fit the role.

It's a solid list of some good actors to be sure, but WAY off the mark, IMO. In fact, the only man in that list that I don't think is too old or doesn't fit the part would be Vinnie Jones, and I don't know if he has enough clout to carry an entire superhero film on his shoulders.

Makes you wonder how familiar the person who made that list is (or isn't) with Lobo to begin with. The character is a foul-mouthed, interstellar bounty hunter of the DC Universe; he rides a pimped-out space bike, is strong enough to take on Superman, with enough energy left over to drink, party and get laid all night by the lovely ladies of the cosmos. You need a guy that can play dirty without question, or the character won't be done justice.

But I digress. After we announced that the Lobo movie was moving forward with Guy Ritchie at the helm, our superhero experts here at Screen Rant tossed out two names that I think are right on the money:


Morgan has shown that he can play a gruff, burly, merciless, psychotic anti-hero with his turn as The Comedian in DC/WB's adaptation of Watchmen early this year. And, with the actor already signed on as the lead in another DC/WB comic book film (The Losers) he's earning himself a lot of clout both with the studio and comic book fans everywhere as a go-to guy for these kinds of roles. Maybe it's time for him to step up and take center stage with Lobo?


Trejo is a well-known face on the big screen for his reoccurring roles as a thug, henchman, gangster, hitman, goon and all-around badass in just about any and every film that involves crime South of the boarder. Trejo has also demonstrated that he has more to offer than a scowl, in movies like Spy Kids and SherryBaby - the latter being a well-received indie film where Trejo stood out as a sympathetic ex-con trying to help a female ex-con get back on her feet. Trejo will step up to center stage next year to play the titular character in Robert Rodriguez's Machete, so he will definitely have some practice as a leading man.

As for his qualifications: Trejo has done hard prison time for armed robbery, won lightweight and welterweight boxing titles IN PRISON, been down the road of drug addiction and back, has enough tattoos to be considered an art exhibit...

Wait, was I just describing Danny Trejo? Or Lobo?

Anyway, those are the two nominees that Screen Rant would like to throw into the ring for consideration to play Lobo. But what do you think? Are we more on the money than MTV?

Source: MTV Splash Page (All in good fun, guys)

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