SR Pick: Who is 'That Guy?'

Ever find yourself enjoying a film – and out of nowhere, your experience is disrupted by the all too familiar notion, “Wait. I’ve seen that actor before… but who the heck is he?”

Move over IMDB, the creators of That Guy have put together a new website dedicated to all the famous actors, who aren’t very famous. The site features character actors who are seemingly in everything but rarely get name recognition.

The minds behind That Guy don’t directly put forth a mission statement – only asserting that the page is dedicated to the character actors collectively known as "That Guy". Ultimately, the site provides assistance to any moviegoer faced with the aching question: "Who is that guy?"

According to the site:

“'That Guy' is easy to recognize and difficult to place. You can describe him but not name him.”

That Guy features a collection of over 100 actors that fall within the site’s selection parameters. Each name is coupled with a headshot (for easy identification) as well as a link to the actor’s corresponding IMDB page.

A strict code governs which actors are eligible for inclusion on That Guy:

"To make it onto this page, a "That Guy" has to have appeared in a solid number of both movies and TV shows. The numbers are not carved in stone but 75 movies/series and 100 TV guest appearances are the "lifetime .300 average and 500 homers" for this particular hall of fame.

Bonus points go to guys that have non-recurring roles in multiple hit movies or guest appearances on popular TV shows. For example, check out the appearances for Woodrow Parfrey. He had a better 1967 than Carl Yastrzemski. Ubiquity is important."

For the time being, one of the parameters is that the actor is in fact a guy, as “That Guy” is focused solely on male actors. So if it’s a familiar looking lady that's keeping you up at night – you’re still out of luck.

Source: That Guy

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