Legends Of Tomorrow: What We Know About Mallus So Far

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Mallus's Plan And Powers

Mallus hasn't yet revealed his whole plan, but by this point we do know quite a bit about him. For one thing, this is an entity outside of the usual bounds of time and space. He calls himself a God, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything literal; Savitar also called himself a God, but turned out to be a time remnant of future Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). According to Rip, he's been around forever, and that the old Time Masters were too afraid of him to even speak his name. He hasn't risen before, however, because he wasn't able to. But, thanks to those meddling Legends and their destruction of time, it seems that he can come through into the world; not a good thing for anyone, really. He also seems keen to keep destroying time, as Damien Darhk revealed this week that 'anachronisms are good for business'.

Although his powers are clearly vast, the only concrete manifestations of his abilities that have appeared on Legends of Tomorrow so far are the ability to possess and speak through his servants, and the ability to resurrect the dead. He also appears to be some form of magic, or to use magic, as he is resurrecting magic-wielders. Nora also has the ability to capture and hold fire and Ray's blasts when she is posessed by Mallus, although it's not clear how much of that is her own magic, and how much belongs to her master. Both Kuasa and the Darhks are powerful magic-users, and it's likely that Mallus isn't going to stop there. Other villains with magical powers may return this season to join the legions of Mallus; possibly even Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) or Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).

Why Can't The Time Bureau Deal With Him?

Given that the Time Bureau is well-equipped to deal with threats to the timeline, and generally a little better at their jobs than the Legends (if we're honest), why is it that Rip is so determined to have the Legends be the ones to take on Mallus? From 'Return of the Mack' it seems that Rip not only has no faith in his organization's abilities to defeat Mallus, but he doesn't even think that they truly understand what Mallus is. He says that they cannot comprehend what they are facing, and when they come to take Rip in, it's clear that they don't even really believe that Mallus exists.

The Bureau were created in order to deal with one thing only: the anachronisms created when the Legends broke time. Everything that they do is in order to return these anachronisms to their own time. A larger threat, one that is outside of time entirely, is just not something that they are prepared for. More than that, they are regulated and by-the-book. Any capable villain would be able to see their next move a mile away. It's not something that matters when dealing with people and creatures displaced in time, but when it comes to Mallus, the Bureau are hopelessly outmatched. The Legends, on the other hand, have dealt with all kinds of big bad craziness already. They are capable of making plans on the fly, and doing things in a totally unexpected way. It is this that makes Rip believe that they are capable of beating Mallus. The fact that the Legends have also dealt with magic, and even have some of their own, is certainly not going to hurt, either.

Welcome To The Jungle

Next week, the crew of the Waverider head back to the Vietnam War, where a familiar face is back and causing mayhem: Gorilla Grodd. The trailer and synopsis show Zari and Amaya working together again, while the boys run into someone from Mick's (Dominic Purcell) past... which means that he may start to get a little more character development this season. And while Damien, Nora and Kuasa were a big part of 'Helen Hunt', it looks like they aren't going to be popping up again next week, giving fans a break from the big-bad focus.

It's likely that now the basics of Mallus's plan have been revealed, Team Mallus will go into hiding for a little while. The first big showdown between the two teams isn't going to come until episode 10, 'Daddy Darhkest', which will also bring Constantine (Matt Ryan) into the mix, presumably as a magic-user to help the Legends battle Mallus. The Legends will probably have to face off against this new big bad several times over the course of the season, but at least we know a little bit about him.

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Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow continues with “Helen Hunt” on November 14th on The CW.

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