'Whiteout' Trailer Brings the Heat

Ahh the clear white snow of virgin trailers here at Screen Rant...

Last week's pre-Comic-Con news brought us a full-fledged trailer for a new Kate-Beckinsale-filled movie called Whiteout. The film is set in the great white mysterious outskirts of Antarctica, where "nature never intended you to survive."

However, more importantly, "Nature is not the only thing to fear..."



A remote U.S. science research facility. The PERFECT setting for a Kate-Beckinsale-laden shower scene, a team out looking for meteor samples and a scientific-thing-a-mabob beeping as it "goes off the charts with an unknown finding."

"We've hit something big..."

What's even bigger are the quick glimpses of snowbound special effects of crashing planes, frozen bodies and the drawing of guns that follow. They offer up something that when combined with Kate Beckinsale (yummy - even in a parka, she's easy to look at) provide a very solid trailer for "WHITE OUT" that makes makes me want more for sure!

Kate plays an on-site U.S. Marshall digging into X-Files-style hijinx and it looks to be a solid romp to launch the latter part of this year.

Now that you've seen the trailer, be sure to tell us what YOU think of this release from Swordfish and Gone in 60 Seconds director Dominic Sena.

Whiteout arrives in theaters September 11th, 2009.

Source: You Tube via First Showing

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