White Rabbit Project Trailer Reunites Mythbusters Build Team on Netflix 

Netflix releases an official trailer for its upcoming White Rabbit Project show, featuring former cast members of Discovery's Mythbusters.

White Rabbit Project Cast Netflix

When Discovery Channel’s MythBusters aired its final two seasons without its secondary “build team,” many fans expressed disappointment. The team, which consisted of Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara, developed a loyal fan base throughout their decade-plus tenure on the show. Some time after MythBusters concluded its 15th and final season, the trio announced their involvement in yet another show, this time for Netflix with a series titled White Rabbit Project. Brought to life by Beyond Productions, the same company that conceived MythBusters, details have been mostly scarce regarding the content of the show, though it’s expected to delve into the same areas of interest MythBusters covered.

Now, less than two weeks before White Rabbit Project is set to release on Netflix, the streaming company has finally given fans a general idea of what to expect from the science-based series.

The official trailer showcases the topics the trio will cover, ranging from jailbreaks to jousting to elaborately constructed weapons. If that weren’t enough to pique fan interest, the show looks to have a much higher production value when compared to MythBusters. None of this would mean much without Belleci, Byron, and Imahara’s unique brand of humor and chemistry, which seems to be just as intact as ever (featuring a snippet of the Byron collapsing from too much alcohol consumption).

White Rabbit Project Cast Netflix

There’s a lot to like here for MythBusters loyalists, and the fact that White Rabbit Project will continue the path laid down by its predecessor is seemingly the right move, given the cast and their experience with constructing odd and intricate machines (especially Imahara, who is an electronics and robotics expert). And given the freedom that streaming on Netflix provides when compared to Discovery’s adherence to the rules of television, it’s entirely conceivable that White Rabbit Project could explore topics more thoroughly than MythBusters.

Some fans who were happier when MythBusters was just original stars Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage and more science-oriented will probably have little interest in White Rabbit Project, but given the aforementioned benefits of Netflix, there’s no reason to assume (especially when keeping the trailer in mind, which highlighted a lot of the science to come) that this will be the case. Either way, it’s safe to predict that the show will be one of the more popular non-fiction shows produced by Netflix so far.

White Rabbit Project will premiere in its entirety on December 9 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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