White And Keys To Perform Bond Theme

Movie and music fans alike love to know who will sing the new Bond theme, and there is always as much speculation about who the artist will be as there is about the film's plot.

Quantum Of Solace was no different.

After reports that tabloid Queen Amy Whinehouse would be singing the tune, hopes were dashed due to the singer's personal problems (I'd be in rehab too if the press were on my doorstep 24/7) and speculation again went into overdrive.

However, it has now been announced Jack White and Alicia Keys have recorded the theme song for the 22nd James Bond film and the title is... drum roll please...

Another Way to Die

Well, it sounds very "Bondian," and with rocker White (of White Stripes fame) and R&B pop starlet Keys involved there should be plenty of crossover appeal.

It's an interesting choice and a lot more mainstream when compared to Casino Royale's Chris Cornell - who, frankly I'd never heard of before he sang the tune to the film that reinvigorated the Bond franchise.

The score is again composed by David Arnold - who has composed all of the Bond scores since Tomorrow Never Dies. Let's hope it features a bit more of the Bond theme this time around!

As far as Another Way to Die goes - I'll reserve all judgement until I hear the song, and in the meantime I think I'll listen to some Paul McCartney and Wings.

Quantum of Solace opens in the US on November 7, and in the UK on October 31st - ha!!

Source: Variety

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